The Gladiators Conquest IV

October 22nd, 2006 Brooklyn, New York

 At The Strike-Zone


 Photos by  Nikolai Komissarov 

Written by Terri Cotta

Welcome fight fans once again to the Strike-Zone at the fabulous Atlantic Oceana at Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, New York. What can I say about this event ‘The Gladiators Conquest IV’ turned out to be just as spectacular as Strike’s Gladiators Conquest III in June of this year.

The event promoted by Strike Zone Productions and sponsored by Baltika Number 9, the Extra Lager Beer.  Baltika are becoming a fixture to Muay Thai in New York and rapidly becoming “The Beer of Champions!!”Yes, you heard this first in MTI and at this website guys…

Radio VSE 87.7fm  the only fm radio station in New York that  broadcasts in Russian 24-7 for over one  million Russian  listeners was in the house, as was my  favorite radio station KTU 103.5fm, rocking the air waves. Included in the sponsor mix was RTVI the most watched Russian–language Television Network in the USA, by MAX TV the Russian Entertainment Music Video TV Channel and the Law Offices of Taller & Wizman, one of NY largest law firms. 


If your reading this from me then you know which Law dog ruled the house, the USMTA of course and armed with the AMTJRA…The Judges for the night  were long time veteran  Mr. Igor Gakh, Mr. George Perno and  back from the west coast  Mr. Barrington Guy.  Referee for the night was once again Mr. Joe Bekker and Ringside  doctor was Ms. Sharlene Perno and the  nightsTime Keeper was Ms. Jessica Maisonet

To begin the night’s event we were all given a rousing and vibrant was with the sound of voice Mr. Ron Anthony. Many of you will have heard Ron’s voice at the last Strike-Zone event and on many recordings of legendary singer Luther Vandross.  Ron’s voice was pure magic!!  The national anthem could not have been sung better by any other singer than by Ron Anthony, a native of Brooklyn.   If you want to know more about Ron Anthony, go visit his website at

On to the fights…..


Bout One:  began the night with two fighters weighing in at 169lb.  Alex Carillo from Sil Jeon Do of New Jersey who fought against 170lb Brad Fink of the Rhino Fight Team also from New Jersey. Both fighters came out like they were on fire. Kicking, punching and clinching their way across the ring, to the mat and back up again. They put on a great fight and got a great applause from the audience. As always, there has to be a winner and Brad Fink from Rhino Fight Team had his hand held high…


Bout Two: From Paterson New Jersey  was heavyweight 191lb fighter David Allen who trains at the Edge Ultimate Martial Arts competed against another heavyweight 190lb fighter Suslan Kundukkoshvily of Art Studio from Brooklyn, New York. This was another excellent bout with both fighters kicking, kneeing and punching each other from one round through to the next.

Sulsan appeared to get the upper hand in round two and   began to  put  pressure  on Allen who slowly began to protect  himself. but  Allen  returned  punch for  punch, kick for kick and  knee for  knee, to a great finale in round three. Sulsan gains the  upper  hand  in the  final round and in the  end  just  clips  Allen for the  bout. A win for Art Studio.

 Bout Three: Was an exhibition bout with Vasily Jerebenko from Brooklyn who weighed in at 128.5lb and  David Grinblat also at 128lb from Brooklyn who trains  out  of Gleason’s Gym and Art Studio.


As always in exhibitions there are no losers  just winners and  both fighters looked like they were pros’s a  great show they put  on for the  audience.

Bout  Four: Another good  Muay Thai exhibition bout from 187lb Agostinho Matias  from  Edge Martial Arts of New Jersey who competed against Albert Avani 182lb of  the  famous Borodin’s Gym of Brooklyn. Both fighters, where testing each other out and Avani  began a little timid in the first  round, but  put up a good stand against the stronger looking Matias,  who was a  little suprised by Avani’s  ability and agility.

In round two Matias began to put pressure on Avani who skillfully dodged and weaved and played the game well. All hats off to both fighters for an excellent bout.


Bout Five: 159lb 25 year old Steve Dawson of  Edge Martial Arts of New Jersey competed against 165lb  23 year old  Shawn Blakely from  Rhino Fight Team also of New Jersey. This was an interesting bout as both fighters were new to a Strike Promoted event.


Bout Six: 17 year old Ildar Mannapov of Lions Club of Brooklyn New York fought against another home town fighter Vladimir Streinkov from Borodin’s Gym of Brooklyn.  Both fighters came out fighting and kicking. Several tumbles to the mat, bout of good knees and counter punches and some great kicks.

After the bout came to close there can be only one winner and in the end Vladimir took the bout.  Ildar Mannaspov was presented with his certificate of participation and medals from MAX TV’s Vice President Mr. Vitali Ivanov.

Bout Seven:  This bout was to be for the USMTA Amateur Bantamweight State Championship title between two young fighters of New York, Constantine Kishakoshvilley of Professional Bars Club of Brooklyn and Turan Hasanov of Strike & Combined Martial Arts also in Brooklyn. It’s not the first time these fighters have met, but both wanted to compete for the coverted title for the state. Constantine came  out strong and  powerful against  Hasanov with a flurry  of  punches and  kicks catching  Hasanov  off guard for  a  moment, but he regained  his  composure and came  back with a barrage of  his own.

Hasanov now in control and appeared more relaxed battled Constantine, who began to appear unsettled. A accidental low kick caught Constantine in the groin bring a time out for him to catch his breath. However Constantine looked like he was getting tired and began to give a halfhearted attempt at defense. Round two brought another low blow against Constantine, but referee Joe Bekker seemed to not accept Constantine’s look of pain and only gave a short break.  Constantine was outmatched in this bout and most could see that he did not really want to fight.  In the last round another low kick to Constantine brought a time out, and Hasanov looking perplexed, did not break a sweat. The end results of the bout were a numinous decision for Hasanov.  The new  Bantamweight Champ for the State of New York Turan Hasanov of Strike.  Turan Hasanov was presented with his Championship belt and certificate from RITV Ms. Suctlana Ivanova.

Bout Eight: Moe Kojok from Ultimate Gym in Manhattan New York fought against Ruslan Bukharin in a much anticipated bout between these to young fighters. Both Moe and Ruslan really wanted this fight and were ready to rock. Kojok looked good having trimmed down and looking a little leaner than last time we saw him compete at Steinways. Good work to his trainer Neste Marte.

 Both Ruslan and Moe came out ready to do business and really let go at each giving the audience a surprise. Ruslan with his long reach and long legs against Moe Kojoks short and but powerful build.  Moe’s power punches and knees surprised Ruslan several times in the first and second round bouncing him off the ropes and tying him up.  Ruslan replied in kind with powerful knees and punches but his power was lost when Moe got inside. Moe had figured out Ruslan’s weakness and got inside his reach where he could do less damage to him.  It was an excellent bout and a great fight.

Both camps can be proud of their fighters. Moe Kojok looked the better more determined fighter, but Ruslan was no slacker either. In the end it came to the score card and Moe took the bout defeating Ruslan Bukharin in a great fight had their certificates of participation and medals presented from Radio VSE.

Bout Nine: Chris Rivera 140lb of Under Ground Gym of New Jersey competed against 148lb Hernan Quintanila of StrikeZone  Brooklyn. Another great bout  between  New York  and New Jersey. Chris and Hernan  the two fighters did their very best to give the audience a real show. Kicks and clinches punches and knees were the flavor of the night. An excellent bout between the states. In the  end New York came  out  on top with Hernan taking  the bout with a TKO over Chris.


Bout Ten:  Fighters Phillip Colbert from Texas and Mark Beecher from Nevada bounced into the ring in a re-match bout scheduled for four rounds. As you can guess this match was a bout that everyone wanted to see again, and here it was. Beecher was as colorful as he is a gentleman and Colbert as eager to prove himself and take home the prize back to the Lone Star State. Mark Beecher showed the audience a little of Thailand in his rendition of the Ram Muay. Every true Thai fighter’s right of passage, to be proudly seen by all.

Both Colbert and Beecher began  in true  spirit kicking  kneeing  and  punching,  but  it  began to show that  Beecher was the more skillful fighter after  bringing  Colbert to the canvas twice in the first round. The second  round  began  well with  Colbert beginning to  pick up the slack but  a  good  left  hand  caught  him  on the  side  of the head,  bringing him to the  canvas  once again, where the  referee gave the  eight count.

Colbert was asked if he wanted to continue where he nodded he wanted to, but his corner man, many thinking rightly so, decided that Colbert had had enough and be unfair for him to continue. Beecher was declared the winner by knock out. Colbert  was visibly upset with the decision of his corner man  but understood that the safety and good health of the fighter takes  precedence at  USMTA sanctioned events. We know that Colbert will be back very soon. Mark Beecher  from Maisonets Muay Thai - Nevada had  his championship belt  proudly  held aloft  by  Baltika’s representsative  Mr. Yakov Bromberg at the  nights  final bout.

Jason Alverado from StrikeZone camp was to compete on the card but his opponent could  not  make the  weight, he was presented with  his certificate.  Shawn Blakely was also presented his certificate in lieu of not being able to complete  his  bout as well. Inter-State Heavyweight Champ Zaddie Morris  of  Ultimate Gym  New York, was  also unable  to have a  bout that  night, and was announced  into the  ring with a loud applause. Champions Zaddie  Morris, Moe Kojok and Mark Beecher will  be up for defense of their  Championship belts very soon.

This is Terri Cotta signing off and until next time fight fans,  Nuff  said!!


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