Lost Siam Kingdom found in Pahang Malaysia:

A team of Malaysian archaeologists has found evidence of a lost civilization buried deep in Tasik Chini, a lake in Pahang Malaysia. The team comprising representatives from a university, the Museum and the navy, discovered traces of an old Siamese kingdom during an exploration between May 18th and May 30th at the site. (more details later...)

Ancient Weapons Find in Phra Nakhon; Thailand:

More than 1,000 artifacts dating as far back as 1,000 years have been found in Thailand's national Museum compound,  a report stated. Quoting a Fine Arts Department source, it said the items included 54 cannons and were found during construction work on the museum compound in Phra Nakhon district.

GRANDMASTER Dr. Maung Gyi  gives Seminar in New York City.   Becomes Honorary member of the USMTA

Saturday, October 30th 1999: New  York Combat Arts was pleased to welcome Grandmaster Dr. Maung Gyi to the City of New York for the highly informative look into the Mandalay Monk System, one of the higher level Bando Disciplines. Much focus was on the Burmese  Double sword system (Mindon Pongyi Dha Akha) as well as the Buddhist Monk Sword meditation form. (any one who has any knowledge of the Thai Krabi Krabong Double Daab system would have found this area very, very enlightening). Seeing the double sword form and fighting techniques would  have answered some questions, and possibly put into perspective both the Thai and Burmese sword fighting techniques.

Dr. Maung Gyi was introduced to New York by renowned martial artist and weapons expert Arjarn Vincent Giordano of the New York Combat Arts.  Dr. Maung Gyi is one of the most respected and revered martial artists alive in America today.

Grandmaster Dr. Maung Gyi  Oct 30th, NY 1999

 In 1960, he brought for the first time the Hanthawaddy system and middle style Burmese Bando to the United States from Burma. Dr. Gyi, is a true scholar, a holder of two PhDs, A direct lineage Grandmaster, a dedicated teacher, an author and a  decorated veteran of both WWII and the Korean war. 

It is with great pleasure to announce that Grandmaster Dr. Maung Gyi has become an honorary member of the USMTA, with respect. His vast knowledge on martial  arts of South East Asia will greatly enhance all.

He has fought with the famous Gurka regiments during the second World War during the Burma Champaign with the famous Chindits and was a part of  "Murrells Marauders". He has been an influential force in the martial arts community appearing in and writing for virtually every martial art publication over the last thirty five years.

For more information on Grandmaster Dr. Maung Gyi or the New York Combat Arts contact Tel: 1-212-631-3508  Email NYCAinfo@aol.com   or combatnews@aol.com 


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