Kru Vladimir Borodin of New York arrived back from a trip to Thailand where he attended an international training seminar for trainers, by one of the best Muay Thai specialists Arjarn Pimu who is well known throughout Europe and elsewhere for his outstanding achievements as a chief trainer of the Pincinchai camp in Bangkok, Thailand.

The training course included fighting strategy, newest combinations, self defense course of Muay Thai Boran, one of the oldest branch of Thai fighting system. This years course was taking by several female students, including a lady Physiotherapist from Italy, who completed the course under the same conditions as the male students. Kru Maroc De Ceraris President of the Italian Muay Thai Association was helping Arjarn Pimu during the training session.

The place where the course was held was in the E.G.M. Training Center, which is the official training facility of the International Muay Thai Boran group. At the end of the course all the participants were given diplomas of graduation, and was scheduled the time of the next international seminar which is going to take place New York City at the beginning of the new millennium. All the information about the courses for trainers and students interested in Muay Thai can contact the USMTA.


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