Known in the State for high quality fight nights, John Chaniotis and his team from J & E Promotions certainly lived up to their reputation on April 23rd. Local favorite Sam 'Shotgun' Harvey took on Russian born Gregory Flitsanov for the International Middleweight title, a forerunner to the 'Shotgun's'  world title challenge later in the year.

On 23rd  April  1999 in the City of Adelaide Australia, a Muay Thai competition promoted by Mr. Allen Wong who is also a trainer. The main event of the competition was between Adelaide’s own Commonwealth and South Australian Muay Thai Champion, Sam Harvey from Flint University Muay Thai Club. And Russian born American Greg Flitsanov, from Borodin’s Gym in Brooklyn New York. His trainer Kru Vladimir Borodin member of the USMTA.

The winner of this bout was to hold the ISKA World Championship title (Kickboxing with low kicks), in a fight that was to last seven - two minute rounds with leg kicks. The Americans were treated very well from the time they arrived at the airport, where they were escorted to the hotel by the second promoter of the competition, Mr. John Chaniotis. Even though the competition was an amateur event, all the expenses were covered by the Australian promoters, which is quite unusual these days. The competition was held at Adelaide's ABCOS Stadium  and gathered around 1500 spectators. It was a pleasant feeling to see Muay Thai and Kickboxing are very popular in Adelaide. All the nights fights were very well matched and exciting, a good point to the matchmaker, Mr. Allen Wong.

Gregory’s fight started dramatically, as Greg was still suffering from a broken nose which he had received two weeks ago during a training session. The first punch that Sam Harvey landed on Gregory’s face started a river of blood to flow from his nose, which would not stop throughout the whole event. The referee had to stop the fight every round, "sometimes two or three times a bout", to let his trainer wipe Gregory’s face clean of the continuing flow of blood. The crowd was happy though, and the river of blood flowing from Gregory’s face only added to the excitement and spice into the action.


Sam Harvey is a great fighter with good experience and excellent fighting skills, holding a State boxing title and numerous Muay Thai titles, he showed good technique and combinations during the bouts. Young Gregory being ten years younger at 18 years old, and having half as many fights did a good job despite his broken nose. For the six rounds he delivered punches and kicks with good speed and power, even when he was loosing blood pressure from the loss of blood, he was attacking in the first 5 rounds, but it was hard for him to escape the professionally thrown punches from Sam.


 In the 6th round Gregory was knocked down twice, when the referee finally stepped in and stopped the fight telling Gregory that he was still young and the healthiest way to finish was to stop the fight in Sam's favor, everybody agreed with the referees decision and went away happy with the results..


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