Pom Pet " The Black Superman"

He was young, extremely talented, he had darker skin than most Thai fighters and that is how he acquired his name. "Black Superman". His superman status was acknowledgement of his all-round ring skills and fighting intuition. Some ring experts claim flaws are appearing in his form but on most occasions the judges continue to agree that Pom Pet is the ring master when he was fighting for his pride.


Namkhabuan "Ring Genius"

The "Ring Genius" was regarded as one of the finest all-rounders ever to enter a Muay Thai ring. He was extraordinary fast, strong and he displayed magnificant evasive tactics. But what set  Namkkhabuan above the rest was his fierce determination.  He was born in the drought stricken Esarn countryside of Northeastern 

Thailand, where  he won a reputation for his strong knee strikes but to become a champion  in the big city, he had to change his style, gradually incorporating all the attacking strikes.


Jongsanan "Wooden Man"

A Muay Thai champion has to be able to absorb punishment in the ring as well as dish it out. His opponents say that kicking "Wooden Man" Jongsanan is like smashing your foot against a tree. His body is as hard as Thai teak.  On the attack, Jongsanan excels at long-range kicks and is quick to take control of kneeing duels. he has fought the best there is.


Charoensap "Diamond Heart"

It was only when the going got tough that Charoensap really got going! he was one of those magic fighters who always seemed to draw upon his inner reserves when he needed an extra lift. Charoensap had been known to take a hammering for a round or three and then, despite the punishment, came back and win in sensational style He stuck with incredible speed; his elbow attacks were sudden and awesome in their ferocity.


Langsuan "Mr. Mean"

He is called "Mr. Mean" because he is regarded as one of Mua Thai's toughest fighters ever. He is virtually unbeatable in a grappling contest, an expert at using knee attacks in close quarters Langsuan began to start winning matches with knockout punches and he liked to put his  opponents 

  he under pressure in the early rounds. was one of the few fighters to have held championship belts at both Lumpinni and Rajadamnern. he was classed as not a pretty fighter, but a very effective one.


Nuarthoranee "The Force"

Nuarthoranee learned his Muay Thai skills at the famous Sithyodthong Camp, where former international boxing and Muay Thai champion Samart Payakaran lived and breathed a new superstar status into Thai fighters. Nuarthoranee was  called "The Force" because of his incredible strength in the clinches and his hard roundhouse kicks, which have devasted many opponents.


Wongchan- Noi "Wonderman"

In terms of talent, there are few who had more fighting skills than Wongchan- Noi , a superb boxer who had won many fights with his fists. Yet his Muay Thai talents extend to his dominating roundhouse kicks, his probing knees and elbow thrusts. Wongchan- Noi  also has superb balance in the ring and shows superb skills evasion. The only blemish was his sometimes suspect physical condition.


Coban "Cruncher"

Coban has traveled the world representing Thailand in Muay Thai contests. He is tough and noted for his hard roundhouse kick. he may not be the most successful Muay Thai fighter of his time but he is certainly one of the most popular. He has knocked out many opponents and as he is prepared to take risks,  has in turn been knocked out 

himself.  When Coban steps into the ring, the crowd roars their approval of a fighter who has earned his world-wide reputation through relentless aggression and strength of purpose. Coban fought against Ramon Dekker several times in some memorable bouts. 1992. Prior to this fight Ramon Dekker had knocked Coban out once and Coban had knocked Dekker out once. This third match was to decide the series. Coban came out the winner. Today, he is an instructor in the United States, and may still compete every now and then.


Therdkiat "The Tactician"

Every fight is different in a Muay Thai contest. Important tactical decisions include whether to attack, to defend, to fight in close or to launch a long-range barrage of kicks. Therdkiat was named "The Tactician" because of his uncanny ability to  counter different fighting styles. He had mastered the full arsenal of Muay Thai weapons but his 

main advantage may be the ability to stay cool under pressure, and he can suddenly change tactics in the heat of a fight to swing the contest in his favor.


Saengthien Noi " Deadly Kisser"

A professional fighter for over a decade, Saengthien Noi had secured his name in the annals of Muay Thai history with his outstanding fighting skills and exemplary  sportsmanship both inside and outside the ring. At his natural weight of 140 lbs and more Saengthien Noi is still  

called king of the ring. At his What he lacked in speed he more than made up for in skill. His roundhouse kicks and piercing knees were the best in the business.



SakmongKhong was only 18 years old when he fought against Dutch Champion Ramon Dekker. However, that night at Lumpinee against Sakmongkol, Dekker was overwhelmed by the younger fighter. 

Rambo "Pongsiri Por Pongsawang"

Rambo was one of Thailand's most famous Thai boxers from Thailand a fighter who gave his all from the opening of the bell to the last. Rambo was responsible for making the  Muay Thai scene popular, even for non-Muay Thai enthusiasts. He was the one responsible for the renovations at Lumpinni Stadium because audiences were too big for the  stadium. Rambo created history when ever he fought in the main event at Lumpinni stadium and the promoters took a staggering 3.2 million Baht from the gate. 

Samart Payakaran

Samart Payakaran is a Muay Thai legend in his own right. He was highly respected for his skills. He also competed in pro boxing and did quite well. last match in Muay Thai. One of his fans, Rob Kaman (Muay Thai Heavyweight Champion at the time) was also at ringside. Samart showed an almost legendary mastery of the art that night. When M. Comery threw a high Thai roundhouse kick and followed it with a 

Thai Spinning Back Kick. Samart then hammered M. Comery with kicks, punches, elbows, and knees. M. Comery was not able to continue after the end of round 2. With his good looks, Samart became a Thai singer and movie star.

Rob Kaman

Rob Kaman

Dutch born Rob Kaman started his career in the kickboxing circles, where he competed successfully, many of his matches were held in Japan and Thailand where he reached almost legendary status. He and fellow countryman Ramon Dekker, dubbed by many as "The Double Dutch duo". Rob Kamam is recognized throughout the world, and began many a  young European Thai fighter on their own 

paths of glory.  A gentleman in his own right and a role model to thousands, he is still classified as one Europe's All time great Thai boxers, being one of the few to beat the Thais at their own game.

Ramon Dekker

Ramon Dekker

Dutch Born Ramon Dekker is probably one of the best known European Thai boxers of all time. He has fought against some of the top Thai boxers of his time including Coban whom he fought twice, knocking out Coban in round one, then in a following bout, being knocked out by Coban in an almost copycat version.  He has competed around the world and won several championships throughout his 

career. Noted as  a skilled fighter with powerful punches and kicks, and  a tendency to go head -to-head with his opponents, which made him a favorite with the Thai's.  Dekker is a very good Muay Thai fighter and one who had beaten many Muay Thai champions including Nangpon Nongeeb Pahuyuth for the World Muay Thai Championship in Holland.

Ronnie Green.jpg

Ronnie Green "Machine Gun Ron"

British born Thai boxer, Ronnie Green was recognized as one of the top European fighters of his time, having competed throughout the world in both Kick boxing and Thai Boxing. He had fought against many formidable Thai fighters from Thailand, where he was noted as being a great tactician.  He had a tremendous roundhouse kick 

where he had been able to kick faster than his opponent could often punch, giving him the name 'Machine Gun'.  Ronnie became a five time Muay Thai Champion.

Nanfah Seharadecho

Born Thailand in 1960, Nanfah  "Lot" Seharadecho, became Bangkok's Rajadmnern bantamweight champion he began his career at the young age of 12. he held the championship title from 1980 to 1986 when he retired undefeated. In his time, Nanfah held a Thai boxing record of 

120 wins, 20 draws and six losses. he also held a total of  45  wins, 3 draws and 2 losses in International-style boxing. Nanfah represented his country as a boxer in the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, the same games that 'Sugar Ray Leonard became a star. After he retired he traveled to Los Angeles in the United States, where he taught a number of American Thai fighters. sadly on November 21st. 1991 he died of a heart attack.

Berg Lerk Pin Sinchai  

He started Muay Thai when he was 9 years old under the his father, who was also his first teacher and coach. When he was 11 he changed to the well known Pin-Sinchai Camp in Bangkok, where he is still doing a job as a Muay Thai coach today

. He brought out two National Thai Champs , Ped Si La and Ped Nam Ek. Berglerk became a two time champion of Lumpini. The first championship versus "Od Noi Lug Pabat" and the second versus "Fan Long Sid Sam Tahan". Berglerk fought a lot of famous Muay Thai fighters in Thailand at his time. For example "Lug Sid Chuntong, who won against Samart. Other famous fighters like Bun Nam Soo Jaruni, Samart Payakarun and Vorapin.

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