... was a great success and  had a great  turn out.
 Two New Arizona State Champs were made this  night,   153lb Damien Early is the AZ State Champ and  Amateur World Champ,  not a bad  record to end the year. Nick Chasteen  has won the Arizona  State Title by  defeating former Arizona State champ Freddie Lerma. Nicks end of year record is the USMTA Amateur World Champion and the USMTA Intercontinental Champion.

Bad Blood #6 - Results

#1Ivan Cazares Christian Toting
 Arizona Muay Thai 
 135lbEd's Martial Arts Club
   won by decision ( 3-0 )

Roman Baca 
 Alec Martinez
 Phoenix Fight Club
Sun Devil Combat Sports
 won by decision ( 3-0 )  

 #3Victor Guerrero Jason Harder
  Lions Den                       151lb
Authentic Muay Thai
 won by decision ( 2-1 )  

#4Gerald Calip 183lb Guy Norwood
 Arizona Muay Thai
 Authentic Muay Thai
 won by decision ( 2-1 )  

#5Javier Meraz  Eric Nolvac
 Metayo Muay Thai 172lb
Razor's Edge/Gracie Barra
 won by decision ( 2-1 )  

#6Thomas Aguirre Gabriel Medrano
 Neutral Corner Gym
Razor's Edge
 won by decision ( 3-0 )  

#7Greg Nagy  Javier Reyes
206lbHard Knocks Gym
 won by KO,  1:30  Rd 2  

#8 Zack Fischer Mike Moritz
 Lion's Den214lb
 won by KO,  :25  Rd 1  

Andrew Earl
Dylan Hoover
 Arizona Muay Thai159lbSun Devil Combat Sports
 won by KO,  :20  Rd 1  

 #10Josh Pickhall160lbGary Lopez
 Phoenix Fight Club 
Razor's Edge/Gracie Barra
 won by decision ( 3-0 )  

#11Adrien Grotte Ruben Gonzales
Lion's Den
 won by TKO,  :54  Rd 1  

#12Ed Grace Lucas Stark
 Razor's Edge/Gracie Barra156lb RITC TC
 won by KO  :10  Rd 3  

#13Damien Earley USMTA  AZ  Super Welter Weight Kristian Miletics
 Lion's Den152lb Bluecollar Fighter
won by decision ( 3-0 )

#14   Nick Chasteen USMTA  AZ  Welter Weight  Freddie Lerma
 Lion's Den 149lbRazor's Edge/Gracie Barra
 won by decision ( 2-0-1 )  

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