Boxing Zone LLC Promotions

The result of the event and California New USMTA STATE CHAMPIONS.  November 20th 2009

by James Wyatt
San Diego Boxing Examiner Press Release of event

Boxing Zone Promotions of Imperial Beach with an assist from the U.S. Muay Thai Association put on quite a show, Friday at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in San Diego. With so many matches on the docket (14) and such a larger crowd in attendance (900+), officials at ringside were wondering if they could pull it off before the roosters started to crow. They did, barely.

The event called “The Battle of the Champions” hosted Muy Thai Kickboxing fighters from northern Mexico, Chandler, Arizona, and up and down the state of the California. The gyms represented: American Boxing of Pacific Beach, Bob Chaney’s Family Martial Arts of Murrieta, CA., City Boxing on 14th Street, The Compound MMA & Fitness of Oceanside, CA., Extreme Power Gym of Oceanside, CA., Fight & Fitness of San Francisco, Guardados Gym of Ensenada, LA Boxing of San Marcos, CA., Miguel Reyes Gym, Tijuana, Pacific Beach Boxing Gym, Poway Mixed Martial Arts, Sitan Gym of Chandler, Arizona, The Black Tiger Gym on Miramar Road, The Boxing Club at Liberty Station in Point Loma, The Boxing Club of La Mesa and Convoy St., Undisputed Fitness & Training Center on University Ave.

Match #1 featured super lightweights Kristina Alvarez from Poway MMA versus Roya Fardi of Ameriacn Boxing. Fardi was the aggressor from the outset and managed to stay on the inside where she was most effective against her taller opponent. It wasn’t until halfway through the third round that Fardi began to tire and Alvarez came on out-pointing her in their final round. Fardi received the decision.


After knocking Gary Archuleta of his feet with an amazing kick, Adrian Morilla goes off to his corner to await the referee's ten count.

#1Kristina Alvarez 136.50 vs. 138.00 Roya Fardi
 ( Poway MMA)   (American Boxing)
   won by decisión

 #2Gary Archuleta  137 vs. 135. Adrian Morilla
 (Poway MMA)   (Undisputed Gym)
   won by decisión

 #3Vu Mai 108.8 vs.  107Angela Martin 
 (Team Loco) ( Sitan Gym)
  CA USMTA Title Jr. Flyweight.Winner

#4 Adam Griffis 192 vs. 189 Jacob Poss
 (Poway MMA) (The Boxing Club)
 win by KO 1st round 1:39   

#5David Martinez 143 vs. 144 Sean Ueda 
 (Black Tiger Gym)  (Poway MMA)
   win by KO in 1:35 in 1st rd

#6Jared Morman  141.80 vs. 145 Avory Kaykeo
 (LA Boxing, San Marcos) (Bob Channey’s Gym)
   win way of KO in 2nd rd :39

#7Tariq Rahman 152 vs. A 148 Antonio Acena-Ducchi
 (Sitan Gym)  (City Boxing)
 won decisión  

#8 Oleeun Underwood192 vs.  188 Anthony Melle
  (The Boxing Club)  (Extreme Power Gym)
   win split decision

Antonio Wong 149 vs. 154.50 Shea Ealey
 (Reyes Gym, Mexico) (Poway MMA)
 win by Split decision  

 #10Scott Venerick 157 vs.  159.80 Mike Lavera
 (Bob Channey’s Gym)  (Sitan Gym, Arizona)
 win by split decision  

#11Adolfo Verdugo 162 vs. 164 Rob Kato
 (Extreme Power, Oceanside)  (Compound MMA, Poway)
 won by split decision.  

#12Malia Spanyol 122.6 vs.  126 Tiffany Van Soest
 (Fight & Fitness, San Fran)


(Poway MMA)
  CA USMTA Title Featherweight by decision.

#13Ed Hoffman156 vs.   151 Justin Smith
  (Compound MMA)  (City Boxing)
   won by unanimous decision.

#14   Ivan Cortez Tony Kalani
  (Guardado’s Gym, Ensenada Mexico) 222.8 vs.  216 (Team Loco)
  CA USMTA STATE HEAVYWEIGHT won unanimous decision

Match #2 featured super lightweights Gary Archuleta (4-0-0) of Poway MMA who relied on his head hunting boxing skills in his battle with Adrian Morilla of the Undisputed Fitness & Training Center. Morilla used his entire arsenal and became a crowd pleaser after landing a devastating kick to the Archuletta’s head that sent him to the canvass. Morilla was relentless using his knees, left and right leg kicks to return Archuleta to the canvass. Morilla was awarded the unanimous decision.    

After hearing the announcement that she has defeated Vu Mai (right), Angela Martin is exhilerated when having her hand raised in victory

3 b SS Angela Martin over Vu Mai friends in the end

Match #3 featured Vu Mai of Team Loco from Pacific Beach Boxing (4-1-0) who was challenging Angela Martin for her USMTA Jr. flyweight State Title. The bout was a rematch of an earlier fight won by Martin. From the outset Martin was more impressive landing her stiff jab and using her left leg to kick Mai over and over. Mai, the smaller of the two ladies, landed combinations to the head which didn’t appear to faze the tougher Martin who purposely stood between rounds. When spectators talk about athletes giving it everything they have, these two did just that for four straight rounds. In the end Martin did enough to defend her title.

Match #4 featured cruiserweights Adam Griffis facing Jacob Poss of the Boxing Club in Point Loma. The turning point in the match came when Poss caught Griffis coming forward with his head down and landed a devastating knee. He also caught Griffis in the groin area to cause a stoppage. Early in round two of the scheduled three rounder, the referee called a halt to the fight awarding a TKO victory to Poss.

Jacob Poss (left) defeats Adam Griffis (right) at the Battle of the Champions Muay Thai Competition in San Diego. 

Match #5 featured welterweights David Martinez from the Black Tiger Gym facing Sean Ueda of Poway Martial Arts. From the onset it appeared Martinez’s strategy was to psyche his opponent out by walking fearlessly through every punch and taking every kick, sluffing off blows as if he was indestructible. When Ueda saw Martinez’s hands go down, he took full advantage of his daring. Then it came like a cobra striking its prey, a roundhouse kick to Martinez’s head. The amazing kick knocked Martinez into la-la land. As Martinez struggled to get on his feet, someone in the crowd yelled, “That’s what he gets for showboating.” Even those at ringside questioned his recklessness. 

Sean Ueda (left) scores a knockout victory over David Martinez (right)

Match #6 featured welterweights Jared Morman of City Boxing versus Avory Kaykeo of Bob Chaney’s Martial Arts. Kaykeo came out firing with wicked kicks followed by powerful overhand rights. Before long, Morman was forced to take a knee for a standing eight count. After one final barrage, the referee decided to end it—TKO for Kaykeo.

Match #7 featured middleweights Tariq Rahman of Sitan Gym being challenged by Antonio Acena-Ducchi of City Boxing. Rahman’s frantic pace and quickness never let Acena-Ducchi develop any type of rhythm. He’d hurry across the ring as if he were sacking an NFL quarterback and then started banging Acena-Ducchi’s chest and head with high knees. To describe the action it was—first the charge, followed by the take down-another take down-another take down-a knee-another knee-a knee, take down-flying knee, all the while Acena-Ducchi is backing up. Fight ended with Acena-Ducchi on the canvass.

Tariq Rahman has his hand raised after defeating Antonio Acena-Ducchi

Match #8 featured Anthony Miele, 188 pounds, fresh out of the Marine Corps from Extreme Power Gym facing Oleeun Underwood, 192 pounds, of the Boxing Club in La Mesa. The two men literally burst the ring. The normally indestructible ring posts and supports gave way when the two men went flying into the ropes. After officials called for a stoppage, the anchors were retightened. After the action resumed, it was more of the same with wild knockdowns and take-downs by both fighters. The non-stop action lasted right up until the very end. After polling the judges, I discovered this match was by far the most difficult to score. Miele prevailed by split decision.

Anthony Miele celebrates his victory over Oleeun Underwood with the Coors Light ring card ladies and his coach, Kru Ruben Powell. 

Match #9 featured two great punchers, Antonio Wong (149 lbs.) versus Shea Ealey (154.5 lbs.) of Poway Mixed Martial Arts. This was another all out battle as the two fighters unloaded with impressive power shots. Both fighters landed in a pile just as the bell sounded to end the fight. The difference maker in this fight was the fact Wong had been slightly busier and landed more clean shots against the taller Ealey.


Antonio Wong has his hand raised in victory after defeating Shea Ealey.

Match #10 featured Scott Venerick of Bob Chaney’s Martial Arts versus Mike Lavers of Sitan Gym. Venerick’s boxing skills shone through to win him the first round but then he lost the second as he was the victim of several sweeps and landed on the canvass. Their clash in the third round most likely influenced the judges to give Venerick the win. It occurred when both fighters landed big blows at the same time, but only Venerick remained on his feet. Venerick was awarded the win on a split decision.


When both fighters landed knockout blows at the very same time, Lavers (left) went down, his opponent, Venerick (right) remained on his feet and secured victory. 

12 Tiffany Van Soest center flashes her million dollar smile after her victory over Malia Spanyol

Match #11 featured Adolfo Verdugo versus Rob Kato. Of all the combatants who fought on Friday evening, most definitely Verdugo had the best strategy against his larger opponent. The super middleweight began with a stiff jab or doubled up the jab, threw his overhand right and then grabbed Kato before he could counter. While holding Kato he’d deliver his high knee kicks. Before Kato could respond, Verdugo was back out on the outside ready to repeat his tactic or throw in a different wrinkle to keep Kato confused. If the punch, then hold strategy wore thin, he’d add some high kicks. It was his versatility that earned him the decision. 

Tiffany Van Soest (center) flashes her million dollar smile as she is surrounded by well wishers and the Coors Light Ring card ladies.

Match #12 was one of the most anticipated fights of the evening as veteran Malia Spanyol of San Francisco’s Fight & Fitness came to town to fight Tiffany Van Soest of Poway MMA, a.k.a. the Bone Yard/Palma Training & Development team, for the USMTA featherweight title.

Van Soest received her black belt when she was just 13 and became an instructor at 14. She’s one of the busiest women in the world: a student at Cal State San Marcos, a full time Muay Thai instructor at the LA Boxing in San Marcos, she plays soccer and is currently undefeated in U.S. Muay Thai competition. She’s so popular with her students that when she’s unavailable for a class the students get angry and have even threatened to boycott the class.

In her fight with Spanyol, Van Soest was not only more aggressive than her opponent, she landed the cleaner shots. Both fighters scored a knock down and the action was non-stop. In the end the busier Van Soest got the nod.

Match #13 featured Ed Hoffman (156 lbs.) of Compound MMA versus Justin Smith (151 lbs.) of City Boxing. Hoffman was competitive but hardly up to the challenge of Smith who showed his great defensive skills, the fact that he can box with the best of them, and can land more punches flush on the chin than most fighters. One of his blows resulted in a standing eight count being given to Hoffman.

Justin Smith has his hand raised in victory over Ed Hoffman.

Match #14 had been billed as a battle of heavyweights fighting for the USMT Association California State title. Scheduling difficulties led to the promoter scurrying about to find a last minute replacement. Guardados Gym of Ensenada came through and arranged for Ivan Cortez to fill the void. Cortez, a member of the gym, had only two days notice to prepare for the fight.

After receiving his championship belt Tony Kalani was on top of the world.

His opponent, Tony Kalani, 217 pounds, had recently got out of the Navy and had been preparing for the championship fight. In the first three rounds of their fight, it was all Big Tony as he pounded away at Cortez his human punching bag. At one point it even looked like a stoppage was eminent. In the fourth and final round, Cortez was still on his feet and catching a second wind.  After Cortez exchanged volleys with Kalani, his opponent started to slow down. Kalani was having trouble breathing. Plain and simple he was running out of gas. He suddenly backed away from Cortez and with only 18 seconds left in the final round, Kalani surprised everyone by taking a knee. After winning the first three rounds, he was in essence awarding the final round to his opponent. Since Cortez did not immediately go to his corner, the referee delayed the issuance of his ten count. In those all important 18 seconds, Kalani had enough time to get some air and rise to his feet with virtually no time left on the fight clock.        

After all is said and done it was a great show. Usually when you have so many matches, you’re bound to have a few clunkers but not on this night. It was like when you sit down to watch a thrilling movie and then suddenly it’s over. You can’t believe how fast the time passed. The “Battle of the Champions” had showcased more than enough drama for one evening.

                   12 ss Featured Bout of the evening Van Soest vs Spanyol

    12 b Tiffany Van Soest w her title belt         Victor Beltran Jr. center poses with the  Coors girls team

The four rounds between Malia Spanyol (left) and Tiffany Van Soest (right) were a bit more exasperating. 


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