Champion Thai Boxer Choochai Rittiluechai passes away March 5, 2004

Choochai Rittiluechai


Choochai Rittiluechai was born March 21, 1926 in Chaeng Mai, Thailand. He migrated to America in 1982 to be near his five children. He and his wife, Pranom opened the Chow Thai Cuisine in 1983. Before that he was the number two Thai Boxer in the world. He was the World Champion in Muey Thai Boxing in 1949.

Later, he became a movie star, appearing in seven action movies. His career also included writing for the Sian Rath Newspaper and sculpting. Choochai and his wife, Pranom, currently own Choochai Today. His son, Than Rittiluechai, owns Choochai's Thai Cuisine and his other son, Radium Rittiluechai, owns Thai Thai Restaurant. Choochai was preceded in death by his daughter, Adesai "Tabu" Kasetatad.

He is survived by his wife, Pranom; sons, Lucky, Tuey Radium, and Than Rittiluechai; his grandchildren including, Jeramie Rittiluechai, Dear and Dream Kasetatad, and Ploi, Ek and Caj Rittiluechai. Pallbearers are Ek Rittiluechai, Jeramie Rittiluechai, Dream Kasetatad, Steve Cooper, Gary Dennison, and Bob Shattuck.


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