AT THE RED LION HOTEL,  Denver Co.  Sept. 30th 2006


 Fighter Alex Whipple competed against Muay Thai Champion Christopher Thompson at the Red Lion  Hotel in Denver Colorado  who was  defending his title in the 29th  Kick-Down event,  "Last  man Standing" for the Kick Down welterweight Modified Muay Thai title. 

  In the  first round Thompson opened up with a strong Teep "push  kick" followed by a swarm of strong knees by Thompson when he locked Whipple in a tight clinch.  Thompson backed Whipple into the corner and dropped him with a strong punch combination taking  Whipple down for an eight count.   After the restart Thompson  came at  Whipple full of aggression and  pummeled  him with series  of punch combinations and  lofty head kicks as well as more strong knees when he  managed to get Whipple into another clinch.  Whipple answered back with a swinging right while he was backing up and the punch dropped Thompson for an eight count.  Thompson continued with his aggressive tactics and Whipple answered well until round one ended. 

Round two had both fighters coming out and being aggressive.  Both fighters landed a strong sequence of techniques which  included clinches, front  kicks,  flurries of punches and  killer knees.  Near the middle of the round Thompson landed a superb strong head kick that stunned Whipple, who quickly regained his composure and came back with a flurry of  punches an uppercut that dropped Thompson. The referee did not score a knock down for Whipple as there had been an accidental low blow  ( a kick to the groin) that played a part in dropping Thompson. 'As Thompson bent over from the  low kick, Whipple responded with an easy  uppercut'. 

 After the restart both fighters flurried until Thompson pushed Whipple into the ropes right as the round ended.  Round three had Thompson starting off with a head kick and Whipple answered with a strong punch combination.  Thompson then clinched and pushed Whipple into the ropes and landed good knee strikes before both fighters slipped to the mat.  Thompson then stunned Whipple momentarily with a powerful punch and he followed it up with another excellent head kick. 

Each fighter took a moment to breathe before Thompson landed another head kick.  The action was stopped for a moment when Whipple lost a contact and when the restart occurred Thompson again went to the head of Whipple with a kick.  Following the head kick Thompson landed more knees and Whipple flurried with punches nonstop until the round ended.  The judges saw the bout in favor of Thompson via an unanimous decision,  leaving Thompson as still the Kick Down welterweight Modified Muay Thai champion.

Mixed Martial Arts and Kick Boxing Bouts. Up to 15 action packed bouts.

For the first time in the the history of the promotion, the Kick Down will feature a 4 man Light Weight tournament where all of the participants are either former # 1 contenders or former title holders within the Kick Down promotion. The fight card will feature the tournament and other mixed martial arts bouts which will include the return of Brian "Bam Bam " Cristina.

 Alex Whipple will challenge Christopher Thompson for the Welter Weight modified muay thai title.  Lannon Quintana will return to defend his Super Light Weight MMA title. The 4 man tournament will be highlighted with appearances of S.L.O. Kick Boxing (Chuck Liddell-John Hackleman) trained Preston Scharf from San Luis Obispo, California who will face Tim Ouimette in the first round. Vincent Vigil will face Rex Payne in the opening round. The winners of their respective bouts will fight in the main event of the evening to see who will be

"The Last Man Standing". Luke Holdorf and Adam Bobay will fight in a mixed martial arts bout to qualify as "alternates" should any of the participants in the 4 man tournament are not able to continue and compete.


Winner of 1st Round    VS    Winner of 1st Round

Brian Cristina             VS         Tony Kelley                            MMA

Chris Woods              VS        Mark Korzionowski             Kick Down Welter Weight MMA Title

Manuel Gallardo     VS        Patrick Jiner                        MMA

Lynn Rice                  VS        Kate Martinez                        International Rules Kick Boxing

Lannon Quintana        VS        Dan Romero                    Kick Down Feather Weight MMA Title

Jamie Addie              VS        Tommy Thompson                   MMA

Reggie Reyes            VS         Charles Rogers                      MMA

Alex Whipple             VS      Christopher Thompson     Kick Down Welter Weight Modified Muay Thai Title

Luke Holdorf             VS         Adam Bobay

Tim Ouimette          VS         Preston Scharf       

Rex Payne           VS         Vincent Vigil                 4 MAN LIGHT WEIGHT TOURNAMENT

Sean McPeck          VS         Nate Kimberlin                      MMA

Scott Logsdon         VS         Scott Roberts                        MMA


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