Delaware, March, 2014


Kru Paul Barry, Delaware representative of the USMTA, proudly stands with the First Lady of Delaware the Honorable Carla Markell, while presenting her with the certificate of appreciation from the USMTA.

Kru Paul was to meet with Delaware's Governor  the Honorable Jack Markell in March to talk about the "Muay Warrior" program that Paul is organizing, and Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, the U.S. Vice president's son. Kru Paul is keeping busy...

Kru Paul is one of the first  Muay Thai trainees of the famous Black Feather Muay Thai camp out of Michigan. Paul trained like many others under the late Kru Mikal Caldwell, Paul stands here sporting one of the original USMTA embroidered satin Jackets from the 1990's. Still looks good today.


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