Muay Thai In Puerto Rico

Kru Dave "Thunder" Cummings  Seminar  10.20.2007

Dave "Thunder" Cummings  traveled  from sunny beaches of Florida to the beautiful  sun drenched  island of Puerto Rico to present a Muay Thai seminar. Kru Cummings  well known in the martial arts circles and  former  a World  champ in nine associations and organizations of  Muay Thai and Kick boxing, visited the de Deportes Municipio de Carolina in Puerto Rico where  he began the certified  Muay Thai course.

 Muay Thai Instructor Juan Delgado who with his students were at the  seminar said that it was
an Honor to train with Kru Cummings at the seminar and  he and  his students were  looking forward to train  in the future with him.

At the seminar Kru Cummings was asked to champion the cause for  Muay Thai  and  help
 the art of Muay Thai  expand in Puerto Rico and  to raise the awareness of Puerto Rican Thai Boxers for are any events in the U.S. so they can travel to the U.S. and represent P.R.