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Dear Editor...

I am glad to see MTI has gone electronic, this is great because I spend most of my time surfing the web, when I'm not training. I found your site and it's the best site on the web for Muay Thai. Now that you have updated the site, it is easier to navigate around, and the information that is here far out runs all the others I have seen. Keep up the good work.

Bob N.  CT.  Oct 10th '98

Dear Bob,

Many thanks for the note, we will try to better the site as we go through it, and update as much as we can.  There is so much information out there in the big world, that sometimes it is not so easy to find the right place to put it. Your info helps us put it where it should be, so the more we hear from people like you,  the better it becomes for everyone.

Keep your hands up!  Ed.

Dear Editor...






 Dear Gocha Javakhia,

Many thanks for your letter, I am sure we can accommodate your request, and no doubt promoters in America would be happy to have your fighters come to the USA and compete with us in Muay Thai events.

Other martial art promoters are welcome to contact us for Gocha's address...

Keep your hands up!  Ed.

Dear Editor...

02 Nov 1998

Thank you for the fine story on Muay Thai Academy International in San Jose.  I had the honor to train there for the entire year in 1997. I stopped only because I moved across the country. I agree with everything you said, and would simply like to express my opinion on why Nirmalya Bhowmick is such an outstanding teacher.

I cannot praise Nirmalya highly enough. His respect for his students and sensitivity to their needs is unparalleled in my experience. In my case, he immediately grasped the facts that I was in my mid-forties, not interested in competing, and less likely than most people to need Muay Thai skills for self-defense. The subject never came up again, but it became obvious over time that my training was tailored to my needs (fitness and introspection), just as other students with different needs received training appropriate to them.

The respect that Nirmalya displays for every person who enters the Academy, be he a student, an instructor, or a visitor, elicits comparable respect for him and for others in the Academy. It is impressive that he is such a gentleman; it is even more impressive that he influences the others around him to be gentlemen and ladies.

Jim Skrydlak
Marietta, Georgia

Dear Jim,

Many thanks for your letter, and we are happy you enjoyed the story, and no doubt are two traveling duo look forward to traveling back  to San Jose to visit Mr. Nirmalya's academy  once again, which we believe has been extended to 8'000 sq. feet. As more information comes in, we'll be happy to print it.

Keep your hands up!  Ed.

Dear Editor...

15th Jan 1999

As a woman Thai boxer, I was greatly insulted by your Muay Thai Babes" section. Give some real credit to women who box for a living by not calling them "babes". Yes we have sex appeal but we also train, fight and bleed like male boxers. I would be disgraced to be considered a "Muay Thai Babe." Everything else is interesting.

                      From Unknown

 Dear   Unknown,

Many thanks for your comments on "Muay Thai Babes", your thoughts are valid, but do not take away from the fact that, good looking women who compete in this tough sport should be insulted by being called a "Muay Thai Babe." As you will no doubt have found that there are not many sites that give credit to women Thai boxers, and those that do insult them far, far, worse than being called a Muay Thai Babe. The graphics they display on their sites do not give any credit to them or the sport. What can be worse than having a women walk round a ring  in a bikini holding a round card, just because they look good? (No that's insulting). Secondly as any Muay Thai fighter will know, having a women in the ring who does not fight or compete in a Thai ring, takes away all the spirit that the ritual  fight dance, the 'Ram Muay' and 'wai Kru' has placed  there.

I personally know and have trained with several good looking and Champion women Thai boxers. the point we are trying to make is this,  out there in this big world of ours, there is beauty even in the most formidable sports. "Muay Thai Babes" was meant to expose this, and not portray the image that girl or women Thai boxers are stereotyped as pug-nosed  tough broads. There are many girls out there, who would love to do Thai boxing but are 1: either afraid they'll end up with a busted face, or  2: be classified as a bull!

Yes, it can also be deemed sexist, but then what else is new? Sex sells (or so they say) and there is no getting away from this. I personally wouldn't buy a car just because a pretty women tells me I'd look good in it, and I don't go to see movies just because a real pretty actress is in it, nor would I buy a CD, just because the girls in the group are hot looking. However, millions do every day. The point is this, if the car is good,  or the  movies is great or   the  group sings well and I like the sound, I'll buy it. As we have said, the section is not meant to demean, it is quite the opposite.

For your information,   you are not the first woman to put your point of view forward, for and against the title, however (Ms. unknown), you are the first of 1999. We have been pondering for several months on a title change for the section, and have come up with several suggestions; "Women of Muay Thai"  -  "Thai Boxing  Women"  -   "Ladies of Muay Thai"  -  "Girls  of the Thai Ring".  This is left open to comment from women Thai boxers and males too. We hope that more women Thai boxers will understand why the page was produced, and  If the title change will bring more girls to show their stuff, then all the better, because we know they are out there. As they say,  if you've got it flaunt it.. your skill that is... and you can throw your looks in too.  It's all meant in   good taste, and should not be misconstrued.

Keep your  hands up!  Ed

Dear Editor...

I just finished reading two great martial arts books: FIGHTING POWER: How to Develop Explosive Punches, Kicks, Blocks, and Grappling, and  SPEED TRAINING: How to Develop Your Maximum Speed for Martial Arts. I've been training for 20 years and I think these are the best book on the subject and I wanted to pass on the tip. The best deal is at LWC BOOKS.

 Dear Sir,   many thanks for the info on the books, I am sure our readers will find this of interest, and no doubt will take a look at the site you have recommended.  Once again, thanks for the info,

Keep your Hands Up! Ed

Dear Editor... Hi,

Had the opportunity to visit Buddhai Sawan whilst in Bangkok on my way back from western Cambodia last month. They were most gracious and gave me a tour and allowed me to film a few demos (of the youngsters mostly). I had seen a simple demonstration of staff vs. mai sau at the Smithsonian Folk life festival several years back and was interested. Found the school a bit difficult to locate (it's out by TV channel 3) but I understand that they'll be relocating. I got their address (5/1 Phetkasem Rd) from the Lonely Planet guide but the numbering was a bit weird out that way.

Really wish I could have stayed longer but alas, my Thai and Cambodian friends couldn't have been more uninterested in the whole scene.

Enjoyed your site.  Sincerely, -Tom Kramer

 Dear Tom,

Thanks for your letter, we have had quite a response for information on the Buddhai Sawan, and the more we get from viewers like you, the more  others can share in this interesting part of Thai martial arts. We will be updating the Krabi Krabong section including other people's personal references to the Institute, and the late Por Kru Sammai. Take a look at this section on our website.

Many thanks for your letter

Keep Your hands up!  Ed

 Dear Editor...

20 Jan 1999

I have been training under Mikhal Caldwell for about 5 years or so I would like info or anything of any type about him. He is respected by myself and a great teacher. I am one of the last people from the Black Feather Camp that is still doing Muay Thai. I would like to get involved in this by any means. I plan to   keep the Black Feather "Incedaum" Camp alive by teaching Muay Thai when I get my papers. I haven't had a fight yet because they cancelled on me, and its very frustrating but I will not give up, if I could inject Muay Thai into my veins I would. Well if anyone sees this please send me something to keep it alive!!!!!

Jay 'coo coo  bird' Clifton, 34669 Tonquish Westland, MI 48185

 Dear Jay,

Many thanks for your letter, Mikhal Caldwell has been a member of the USMTA near on six years now, he has trained  with some formidable instructors, and is a pretty good boxer too, I believe he is a  seven time Golden Glove boxer and was once ranked no 1 in the PKA, in his weight division.

I know he traveled down or up to new York several years ago and trained with Arjarn Tony Moore and the British team while they were in New York, including  Kevin Jacob from GA, and Khun Clint Heyliger also from New York, he found out what an 'egg on the leg ' was, you can ask him about this, to see if he will remember.

He is quite a talented person in his own right, and  believe he is a Professor of Music, (please correct me if I am wrong on these points.) He began the Black Feather camp many years ago, in fact if you take a look at the page "hand Wraps" page,  you will notice that the model is Mikhal Caldwell who is demonstrating the hand wraps, the photo's were taken by Lucas Cotte III in 1994

I am sure others will add their input for you.

Keep your hands up!  Ed

Dear Editor... 

My name is Frank Albo, and I am one of the promoters here in Winnipeg for Sik Tai Muay Camp.  I would be interested to know if you have any leads on some fighters for an upcoming high profile card Feb. 12, 2000.  Primarily a vacant world title belt.  We are going to be staging a world class event and expect local and national coverage with attendance of over 3,000.

"Night of Thunder" is a World Championship Muay-Thai Kickboxing Card.  The event is comprised of ten full contact bouts, including one women's match.  The main event features Robert Coquete two time world Champion, winning his last title in front of over 20,000 spectators in China versus Singnum Samphan Chaiyawong - Thailand. Robert is current fighting at 160lbs and we are looking for a vacant title and a worthy opponent for him.

Notable Canadian contenders include North American Champion, Ryan Jones; Two-time defending International Kickboxing Federation Champion (I.K.F.), Phil Petit; and Canadian Muay-Thai Federation Champion, Larry Sharpe, as well as one grappling match featuring Judo and Grappling World Champion Olec D. (190lbs).

P.S.  If you know of some big fights happening in your area which is looking for opponents please contact me.  If it is a pro fight we will give you 5% of the purse, and if it is an amateur card then we will try and return the favor.  If you are interested in looking at our web page the address is :

Sincerely,  Frank Albo Sik Tai Promoter

Many thanks for your letter

Keep Your hands up!  Ed

Dear Editor...      17 Mar 2000

Dear designer's of this great multi-facetted web site, Your site is an absolutly insightful piece of information. It has the potential of thoroughly deepening one's knowledge of the martial arts from Thailand. I was totally unaware of the many aspects that Krabi Krabong unquestionably has. I wish more people could create sites as informative as yours...
Unfortunately I don't have the time to read it all at this very moment, but I'll be back soon...I promise you that... Thanks a lot!!!!!
Raymond Badoux, from Holland

Dear Raymond,

Our sincere thanks for your comments, we really appreciate your insight.
We wish more people from Europe would take a look at the site, and add their
information to its pages, we will continue to add more information as we
receive it. If you have information on Muay Thai and Krabi Krabong from Europe please
feel free to email this to us.

Many thanks for your letter

Keep Your hands up!  Ed

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