We would like this page to introduce the Federation of Salvador Muay Thai Kickboxing organization, with a short briefing on their formation.

Contact sports and non-karate martial arts arrived to El Salvador in the early 90’s thanks to Mr. Federico Pino who introduced Full Contact Karate ( American Kickboxing ), after his training in USA during his college years. Unfortunatley for Mr. Pino the Salvadorean martial arts community, did not take his knowledge and efforts into consideration, but some “karate boys” started THE FULL CONTACT LEAGUE that organized matches almost every Saturday night, from 1993 to 1994 ( American rules: no low kicks, elbows or knees, all kicks above the waist, boxing punches, spinning back fists allowed, in brief).

In late 1994 Mr. Esteban Sagrera, from Cataluña, Spain arrived to El Salvador and introduced us to kickboxing ( low kicks, knees to the body, no elbows, international rules), following his visit, in 1995, the ASOCIACION NACIONAL DE KICKBOXING was founded and national championships and rankings were organized in regular basis (with international rules), from 1995 to 1998, although, during that time some of us, the main fighters started training with thai techniques ( knees, elbows etc.), but it was mostly an individual effort, of getting all  the information from  any available source.

 An American school, Navarro’s Kenpo  and Muay Thai opened a studio in El Salvador and along with them we organized the first Thai rules matches. Mr. Sagrera kept visiting El Salvador and gave seminars every time he could, and in early 2000 he returned one more time, with the idea of founding a true Muay Thai organization, and to put it under the IAMTF, but allowing the new federation to establish any affiliation necessary for its own development so the FEDERACION SALVADOREÑA DE MUAY THAI KICKBOXING was founded in August  2000, and the next step was to start developing, that’s how we contacted WAMTO.

We are just starting, and we have much to learn, but we are enthusiastic about learning, training and researching more and more about Muay Thai and kickboxing as sports and martial arts.


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