Tiger Muay Thai Smoker                         May 9th, 2009. 

Teams from Tiger Muay Thai, HMC Academy (Hawaii Martial Art Center), and Nanakuli Kickboxing participated in a small event.  The fight  showcased up and coming fighters from each gym.  The purpose was to get these fighters much needed ring experience by fighting someone other than their fellow team mates or in front of a small crowd of friends and family. All young fighters  need this type  of experience  to gain confidence and become comfortable fighting in front of crowds.

(LT TO RT )Spuds, Skinny, Kru Doug, Lil NateLil Nate performing his wai kru

The three teams had their own style of fighting which was a great learning experience for all fighters.  They all got so see different techniques that they may not have see just sparring the same people in the gym.  Tiger Muay Thai is a traditional Muay Thai gym.  The fighters, Lil Nate, Spuds, Skinny, Digit, and Brandon, made sure their opponents got rained on with knees and leg kicks.

Skinny performing his wai kruBrandon (in the black) against a fighter from Nanakuli Kickboxing

The Hawaii Martial Art Center Academy brought three fighters, two of whom were from Japan.  They brought to the ring heart and a passion, different type of toughness never seen by students of Tiger Muay Thai. Nanakuli Kickboxing  fighters came at their opponents with a world of punches and some kicks, typical of an American Kickboxing style. 

Doc (in red) against a fighter from Nanakuli KickboxingDoc clinching with his fighter from Nanakuli Kickboxing

They tried to clinch and throw knees but were unsuccessful.  It was a great night for all the these amateur fighters whom worked hard, fought hard, and went home with a few lessons learned.  the end results were that all the fighters had lessons  handed out to them a great experience was had by all and a perfect way to end an event.

Skinny (on the left) against fellow Tiger Muay Thai student DigitSpuds against his fighter from Nanakuli Kickboxing

This is the type of camaraderie among schools and students, a way to learn and a way to gain that spark, that "Eye Of the Tiger"...... A great thanks to all and everyone who took part in this small event.


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