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If you are a fan of fighting and motorcycles you would have been in heaven on Saturday June 27 at Heavy Hitters VI a nearly sold out exhibition of Muay Thai Kickboxing excellence. The USMTA showcased a huge fight card of 19 match ups at Red Rock Harley Davidson sponsored by One Kick Promotions and Attorney Glen Lerner.

This event featured some of the finest up and coming Muay Thai kick boxers from Las Vegas, Hawaii and California. Here is a recap of the night’s matches starting with the last to first. Many people had left before the final match of the night and that was a big mistake. So here is fight 19 to 1.


#19 Miko Valdez of Tap Out LV knocked out Red Rosenlund of Hard Knox LV in the first 30 seconds of the first round with a devastating high round house kick to the head.


Rosenlund has great potential but unfortunately for him, he just got caught. It happens to the best of them.#18 Robert “Double Dragon” Isenor of Striking Unlimited LV used his superior skills and natural talent to win a unanimous decision over Walter Leaks of Wolf Pack Gym.


#17 Memo Cabellero of Hard Knox LV was stopped early in his fight with Anthony Kaulili of Tap Out LV. Had it not been for the early injury it is quite possible that this fight might have gone the other way. Memo has talent.


#16 Kyle Penalosa of Striking Unlimited LV in his fight debut showed he had the skills necessary to defeat Jacob Salas of Salas Fighting CA in a very close fight that ended in a split decision.


#15 Nate “Rough & Ready” Chambers of Hyena Muay Thai LV displayed his strength and superior skills in his bout with Shawn Rodriguez of Elite 1 LV with a TKO over Rodriguez in the 2nd round.


#15 Elliott Shults of McCoigs TKD LV defeated Sedrick Sweet of One Kick’s Gym in a split decision of a very close fight.


#13 Maurice Senters of Striking Unlimited LV won his bout in a very close fight against Ruben Dominguez of Team Koungnapa LV by split decision.


#12 Anthony “Pretty Boy” Castrejon of One Kick’s Gym won the Nevada State Jr. Lightweight Title by defeating a very tough opponent Humberto Zatrain of Salas Fighting CA. This was a great fight.


#11 Edmond Xhelili of Striking Unlimited LV used his superior height and reach advantage to defeat Chris Eigenmann of Hard Knox LV. Eigenmann a bulldog of a fighter might have pulled this one out if the fight had been a five rounder.


#10 Justin Diggers of Hyena Muay Thai won a very close split decision over exciting fighter Jacob Smith of Smith’s TKD HI. This is one very deserving of a rematch.


#9 Eli Fisher of One Kick’s Gym used his superior strength and technique to defeat Nathan Molina of Tiger Muay Thai HI. Nathan has great future prospects though.


#8 In the women’s 110 pound title fight, crowd favorite Fanny Tammasino of Elite 1 LV took the title in a very close split decision over Genises Brovo of FASI LV. Genises displayed far superior technique to that of Tammasino, but in the end Tammasino’s guts and determination won her the split decision with the judges.


#7 Josh “TNT” Shepard of One Kick’s Gym used his explosive talent to it’s fullest in defeating Andrew Lowe of Tap Out LV with a huge KO in the early part of the 2nd round. What a debut. Watch out for Lowe, this guy has huge potential.


#6 Robert Herrera of Tap Out LV defeated Jay-AR Cabang of Tiger Muay Thai in a unanimous decision.


#5 In a exiting youth bout, Chester Carupo Jr. of Striking Unlimited LV defeated Nick “Little Scrappy” Hovi of One Kick’s Gym LV in a very close spilt decision that could have gone either way. Watch out for “Little Scrappy”, the outcome might be different next time.

#4 Mackenzie Hoppis of Tiger Muay Thai HI use his super clinching skills, knees and superior technique to defeat Garrett Marks of Tap Out LV in a very close fight and debut for both of them. This is another rematch the fans would like to see.


#3 Roy Corona of Muay Thai USA CA defeated Tino Crespo of Elite 1 LV with a unanimous decision.

#2 Kweayon “KFC” Clark defeated Ian Niecha of Tap Out LV by KO.


#1  And finally in the first bout of the night Mike Lal of FASI LV defeated Jacob Kaawa of Elite LV in a very close split decision.


It was a great night of fighting and as stated earlier if you didn’t stay for the whole event you missed out. See # 19. The talent and skills of the combatants was very high and they were very well matched as witnessed by the large number of close fights and split decisions. Congratulations to all the fighters and to One Kick Promotions on a great event.


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