Artwork by Will Donahue                      

A fictional character written and created by Heyliger & Wojtowitz Artwork by W. Donahue 1994/1999

They tried to hurt his family and take away his fighters heart, only to have it replaced by a heart of iron!



Huajai Lek! "...the saga continues..." This story has been read and acclaimed worldwide. It revolves around a young Thai fighter 'Longtan' and his nemesis, 'Cromwell' a sadistic and ruthless drug lord who learned his trade as a member of an elite Special Operations group in Vietnam. An avenging angel 'Lan' spawned from the war torn jungles of Cambodia, becomes Huajai Leks guardian. They cross the globe in a cat and mouse game that leaves a trail of death and destruction. Each are linked together through a series of events that change the lives of everyone who become involved in the chase, each with a personal goal and each with a personal score to settle.

The chase continues for over two decades, crossing the boundaries of normality and bordering on the brink of insanity. It encroaches on international governments and ties them together in a clandestine union that allows Longtan, Lan and others, the "get-out-of-jail card", yet keeps them under close watch, letting them do the work, that they cannot.

The American government finds an entanglement a hundred times bigger than they Iran-Contra Affair, and cannot let the world know that one of their own "Cromwell" a decorated war hero, has gone bad, or that it was through their turning a blind eye, allowed him to get as powerful as he has, involving politicians of the highest rank from both sides of the globe. The governments want to clean their houses, but cannot, therefore they need these loose cannons who can take the blame...when necessary...


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