N.E. New Mexico No Mans Land MMA Championship “Land of No Return” Clovis, NM on January 12th, 2008


The Senior Division,  

The only fighter in the Men’s Senior Division who was actually over the age of 40 was Ric Sniffen. When they called him to the ring the announcer said that Ric Sniffen was representing the United States Muay Thai Association and the Native American Blackfeet Nation. The USMTA in conjunction with the NAMTA is a very proud co-founder of the NAL (Native American League).  The first of its  kind.

Ric Sniffen a.k.a.  "Rama Lek Suer"  and coming out of Pontawee Camp USA in Guymon, Oklahoma at 45 years old 5' 10" 216 lbs with a fight record of 52 wins 11 losses and 3 draws with 22 knockouts fighting in the MMA Senior Division for the first time using Muay Chao Cherk or Thai NHB.

 His opponent Jerry "toughman" Winters coming all the way from Southern California and the Southern California MMA School weighing in at 248 lbs and standing 6' 2" with an MMA fight record of 22 wins 3 losses and 11 wins by KO and winning his last bout in 44 seconds in the first round by tap out at the Southern California MMA Smash.

This is how the  bout went….

Round 1: They called the fighters to the center of the ring and told them the  usual stuff, to remember the rules that they went over in the locker room, lets have a clean fight and protect themselves at all times. Both fighters touched gloves and stepped back. The referee asked if they were ready and both fighters shook their heads yes. The ref said ‘let’s do It..’  and they came out fighting. Jerry Winters threw a hard right hook at Ric Sniffen’s head but he stepped back to avoid it. Jerry then threw a right leg side kick at  Ric’s chest  but Ric move towards the outside of the kick and hit Jerry on the right side of the head with a  punch. Jerry stumbled to the left and then turned facing Ric charged towards him and dived at his legs, where Ric jumped back avoiding his attack and Jerry quickly sprung up back to his feet.

Both fighters were about an arms length away from one another when Ric threw a hard left hook towards Jerry’s head  but  when Jerry bent down to avoid it Ric threw a jumping knee with his right leg and caught Jerry just around the left eye brow bursting open a gash in his head. Blood flew all over the place and Jerry Winters went down to the canvas and didn't get back up before the referee counted him out. 1 min 42 seconds round 1 winner by Knockout Rama Lek Suer Ric Sniffen

The crowd gave marvelous round of applause for the bout. Ric Sniffen got a medal placed around his neck for winning the fight and a purse. The announcer produced a new name for Ric Sniffen The USMTA ‘Iron Tiger’, then continued his rantings with " how about that for an ‘Old Guy’ ladies and gentleman, 45 years old and he hasn't fought since 1984 ". As Ric Sniffen climbed out of the ring and we heard some young guy with an over active vocal gland, shout to Ric Sniffen if he needed help to his locker room?  Ric Sniffen ever the gentleman politely smiled at him with that cold burning gaze that only native Americans can give, and asked if ‘HE’ needed help to the floor as he brushed by him.

All in all, a good bout, and I got to say, chalk this one up for the ancient ones……

by Pipen Delmonica


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