Montego Bay Champions of Champions 2.

Muay Thai Extreme (MTX) presents Champions of Champions II.   A fight card with champion fighters from across the world will compete in 10 world title fights.  This Muay Thai fight card features some of Muay Thai’s best match-ups, Nathan “Carnage” Corbett Vs Tyrone “King of the Ring” Spong.  In addition to the fight, there will be a  fashion show between rounds, with top designers in a  fashion show fight event.

  • Nathan Corbett (Australia) vs Tyrone Spong (The Netherlands)
  • Yodsaenklai Fairtex (Thailand) vs Steve Wakeling (England)
  • Buakaw Por. Parmuk (Thailand) vs John Wayne Parr (Australia)
  • Julie Kitchen (UK) vs Angela Riviera-Parr (USA)
  • Rayen Simson (Netherlands) vs  Eugene Ekkelboom (Australia)
  • Marco Pique (Seriname) vs Dzhabar Askero (United Arab Emirates)
  • Patrice Quarteron (France) vs Paul Slowinski (Poland / Australia)
  • Liam Harrison (England) vs Anuwat Keawsamrit (Thailand)
  • Mosab Amrani (Morocco / Holland) vs Andrei Kubelin (Belarus)
  • Kaoklai Kennorasing (Thailand) vs Clifton Brown (Canada / Jamaica)

Muaythai fans look forward to June 26, 2009 (Montego Bay, Jamaica) for the Champion of Champions 2. The Caribbean Classic Celebrity Golf Invitational (CCGI) tournament and charity event. Representing female muay thai will be the WMC Female Lightweight World Title between American, Angie Parr and European Champion Julie Kitchen from the UK.

The opening fight was for the WMC Welterweight World Title between the current champion Mosab Amrani from Holland and Andrei Kublein from Belarussia. Two-time IFMA World Champion, Andrei Kubelin was on top of his game and won the fight by unanimous decision.

Next up, was the Muay thai Against Drugs Title Fight between  Buakow Por Pramuk from Thailand and the Australian John Wayne Parr. This was a world class performance by both fighters but the younger Buakow seemed to have the extra bit of power at the end of each round and took the fight by unanimous decision. Both fighters gave an excellent show and received a standing ovation from the crowd.

Jamaican fighter Clifton Brown versus Thailand’s Kaoklai competing for the WMC Super Light Heavyweight Title was up next. Brown  had the crowd on their feet. Kaoklai knocked down Clifton in the first round and from round two onwards it was Brown. After five rounds, Brown took the fight by unanimous decision.

The fight between European Superstar, Tyrone “King of the Ring” Spong and Nathan “Carnage” Corbett ended in controversy. First, Spong knocked Corbett down in round one. In round two, Corbett changed up his style and knocked down Spong. The referee gave a ten count to Spong but both fighters fought on and Corbett knocked down Spong again. The fight was declared a re-match but is under review (see bout below review...).

The WMC Super Middlewight Title match was between Australian Champ, Eugene Ekelboom and Rayen Simson from Holland.  Simson knocked Ekelboom down in round one. In round two, Ekelboom charged forward with aggressive clinching. Round four, Simson injured his arm and Ekelboom retained the World Title via TKO.

The WMC Lightweight Title match between Liam Harrison versus Thailand’s former Boxer of the Year, Annuwat was next in the line up.  From the beginning, both fighters went for the decision battling toe to toe. Annuwat aggressively attacked Harrison’s front leg throughout the fight. In round three. Annuwat defeated Harrison by TKO with leg kicks.

Yodsanklai, the current WMC Middleweight Champion and the Contender Asia superstar fought South American star Cosmo Alexandre. Yodsanklai was looking for a quick decision but Cosmo tactfully defended and counter attacked. Yodansklai  stopped Alexandre in round four with leg kicks.

The WMC World Super Lightweight Woman’s Title  was between the European Champion Julie Kitchen versus the Oceania Champ, Angela Rivera-Parr. Julie Kitchen took the title but both fighters received a standing ovation from the crowd.

The next match was between Contender Semi Finalist, Sean Wright from Scotland versus the Contender Asia season two, Marco Pique from Surinam. Pique showed he meant business right away and Sean Wright was off to a slow start eventually paying the price when Pique’s right hand sent him down to the canvas in round one.

The fight  for the WMC World Heavyweight Title was between current champ Paul Slowinski and Patrice Quarteron from France. Slowinski fired his full arsenal of the eight Muay thai weapons giving a  class performance which stopped Quarteron in round three.

...The Tyrone “King of the Ring” Spong and Nathan “Carnage” Corbett bout...

The prestige fight between the European Superstar, Tyrone “King of the Ring” Spong and Nathan “Carnage” Corbett ended in controversy. First, Spong knocked Corbett down in round one. In round two, Corbett changed up his style and knocked down Spong. The referee gave a ten count to Spong but both fighters fought on and Corbett knocked down Spong again. The fight was declared a re-match but is under review at the commission and regardless this will be the re-match that the world wants to see.

We spoke to the referee who gave his description of the  bout.

" as I started  to give a eight count to the Dutch fighter and told the Australian fighter to go to the neutral corner, he didn't , as I got to 10, I told the Dutch fighter that he could not go on , as I could see he was hurt . I waved the fight over with my arms over my shoulders, and as I moved to see if the Australian was in his corner and to see if he saw it, I again waved my arms, and at the same time the Australian fighter jumped forward, over the side of my right shoulder and punched the helpless Dutch fighter.  I stopped it and went to the aid of the injured ko'ed  Dutch fighter and helped him to a corner as the ring got busy with all people who should not have been there."

 He stated that -  "he was then told to move to a neutral corner and wait for the judges decision and not say anything to anybody in the ring." 

he stated that -  "if they review the fight they will see that he was right."  He stated that.."  "The only mistake if any,  is that he gave a slow but methodical count first to the Australian  fighter who got knocked down in the start of the fight and then the same type of count to the Dutch fighter just to be fair to both of them, as it was a Championship title fight.."

His Excellency General Pitchitr Kullavanijaya, Privy Councillor to HM the King of Thailand is attending the event along with two children from his Muaythai Against Drugs Youth Charity program. Two of the children from H.E. General Pitchitr's program were featured in a documentary entitled The Road to Greatness which followed the youth through the trials and tribulations of everyday life and reflects on the positive impact that Muaythai has had on their lives. The documentary was part of a promotional campaign for Champion of Champions 2. The children and accompanying youth musicians will perform demonstrations in ancient art of Muay Boran and perform traditional Muaythai music. In addition, H.E. General Pitchitr  Kullavanijaya also serves as Honorary President of the World Muaythai Council (WMC) and the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA).

K-1 Champ Bowkauw at Los Angeles airport avoiding the swine flu...

High ranking Muaythai officials WMC President, General Chetta Thanajaro and IFMA President, Dr. Sakchye Taspsuwan are also part of the delegation along with WMC Vice President, Stephan Fox. Champion of Champions 2 is part of the CCGI (Caribbean Classic Golf Invitational), a five-day massive charity event organised by RISARC Productions to raise funds to donate over 3,000 computers and establish computer labs in schools in need  throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean. The night of Muaythai will feature nine WMC World Title fights among Muaythai's top competitors from around the world. The country of Thailand will be represented by top-billed fighters Yodsanklai, Buakow, Anuwat and Kaoklai.

At night withK-1 Champion of the World Bowkauw.
Ref, Judge-  Lumpinee stadium,  Rules and regulation/ Judges and Referee Chairman, with 3 years best Referee of Thailand / Lumpinee Stadium Kru Paulo Tocha - Judge /Ref with Pongsan Ekyothin also Judge Ref.

       president of the WMC and Kru Paulo Tocha

 Group shot with Thailand's Minister of Defence  and president WMC and with the WMC team in Jamaica.


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