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It's been called 'brutal' too dangerous to practice, but it has only in the past few years begun to arouse  a somewhat curiosity.  Anything thing with this kind of reputation must be very special and if your goal is to be the best fighter  you can become, then this is must be the style for you..? But then, when it comes down to it, all fighters want to been known as the best, or when it  appears to be a life or death situation,  then they all want to be known as the baddest dude around,  with the don't mess with me approach. What many don't know is that Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is only a milder, more sanitized and safety conscious version the real self defense art of Thailand Krabi Krabong...

 Thailand was once part of a vast empire incorporating parts of Indonesia and the Philippines. It is speculated by many martial artist that Thai boxing came from a mixture of Chinese empty hand fighting and  Indonesian Silat.  However, the fierce Thais developed it into an art of unparalleled power and brutal efficiency. The primary arts of Thailand are Muay Thai,  Chaiya Boxing (southern Thailand),  Muay Chao Khuerk,  Lerd Rit (Military style) and Krabi Krabong,  the Thai weapons system.

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Face off:  BTBC Arjarn Tony Moore and student Paul Bates prepare to fight.....Paul attacks with a low roundhouse, Tony blocks with a raised shin block.....Tony controls Paul's leg by  twisting his hip and locking the leg with his own... ...then bringing Paul to the ground and breaking the leg with the leg lock....  ...Tony reaches behind his back and pulls a knife from his sash and cuts across the sole of Paul's  trapped foot.


 Throw in a few more relative arts, add a pinch of  Indian ground fighting,  sprinkle  a flavor of Vietnamese, Lao  and Burmese  and you've got yourself a well rounded system.   If you have ever studied Krabi Krabong, you will know that it is more than just military arms of wood,  iron, leather and feather,  it includes the use of pure physical weapons as well. These have been found to just as effective, if not more so, then wood and iron..

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