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MEMAI-MUAY THAI  Is a Thai discipline that, because of its secrecy, has remained until now the heritage of the Thai population, and unknown both to the public at large and to the followers of martial arts. Its attacks are characterized by their explosive and extremely destructive power, inflicting the adversary with most damage possible in the shortest possible time, bringing every fight to a quick but brutal end. Many of the students of martial arts consider Krabi Krabong to be the most lethal discipline that the human mind has ever conceived.

 It was needed to victoriously keep at bay the continues attacks of the neighboring populations and was the reason for the legend of the invincibility, which is still true today. Muay Thai is in fact the part of Krabi Krabong which is dedicated to hand to hand combat and has been improved and transformed into a sport, separating itself from Krabi Krabong.

Still following the old system  not yet transformed into a sport,  teaches how to use every part of the body as a deadly weapon.  Using levers, projection, immobilization, strangulation and blows centered on vital points. The blows and the parries  used by the elbows and knees remain lethal. It also involves the study of the ancient warrior waepons such as knives, sabers, swards, staffs, etc. Always keeping an extremely realistic contest centered on the concreteness and maximum efficiency in combat and self-defense.

 Ram-Awut is the Thai equivalent of Tai Chi and is an integrated part of Krabi Krabong. It consists of slow movements carried out co-coordinating mind, breathing and body, controlled and rhythmic by traditional Thai music. Breathing technique (Phalang Chit) is also studied for the development of inner strength and physical powers (Siamese Chi Kung).

These last practices give not only certainty and determination, but also serenity to the participator, creating a deep integration of mind and body and giving the individual a harmonious relationship with the universe. Krabi Krabong in its completeness and its other educational contents, moral and spiritual, is recommended to all, especially women and children, as the best means of self-defense.


He has practiced for 23 years many styles of Kung-Fu traditional Wu Shu and in particular Southern Shaolin Tang Lang (Praying mantis), Pa Kwa, Wing Chun, Lin Kwei and Chi Kung. Perfected with masters Tam Bai, Kai Te and Yokee Batarin also the discipline of Tai Chi Chuan, Shiatzu massage and Chi Kung. In 1986 he obtained the 3rd  black sash in traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chuan.

Master Zadra studied all those in traditional use (about 30) specializing in full contact free combat with knives and double swords. In the search for  efficiency he flew to Thailand and from 1992 he stayed there in order to study the most unknown, esoteric and deadly forms of combat. He studied at great lengths with Master Thonglor Trairatana, the patriarch of the Sritrairat style and trainer of Thai Special Forces, renown to be the greatest living expert of the traditional warrior martial arts, and nominated in his country as "the living monument of the nation".

In 1994 he participated in the Krabi Krabong world championships, where he obtained, in full contact white arms combat, second place in two specialties; in Krabi fencing and in double sward fencing "Dab Song Mue", which gave him two silver medals, the first westerner in the world against the unbeatable Thai fighters.

He also studied other skills with master Pongsak Kongjem, receiving praise and official acknowledgement from the Thai government. He obtained a  masters diploma of Shiatzu massage, a Thai style of massage, which he studied at the Buddhist monastery of Wat Pho, under master Pijapong. Master Zadra teaches for the Thai sports Association in Bangkok, which is sponsored directly by King Rama IX Bhumiphol.

 In 1992 he founded the I.K.K.A. Italian Krabi Krabong Association, with Dr. Wongwisut as their president, with the idea of spreading this specialty throughout the nation. In 1996 he founded the warrior school KUNPOLDAM, where his knowledge in all the various disciplines is unfolded, and both unarmed and  armed, conventional and non-conventional combat techniques are brought together.

          Master WONGWISUT  Dr. PIMCHANOK

Graduated in nursing medicine and specialized in orthopedics and obstetrics at the prestigious Mahidol University in Bangkok, started practicing Thai martial arts at a very young age.  She studied traditional Thai boxing and Krabi Krabong under the guidance of masters Thonglor Trairatana, Wa Hoan and Pongsak, then becoming also master. 

 She is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and also other martial art disciplines known to the public as oriental. Her favorite arms are the single saber, the double sward and the Mai San, which she knows how to handle skillfully in full contact duels. She is an expert in the meditation technique associated with the Theravada Buddhist tradition, and holds seminars and courses.  She studied Thai style Shiatsu massaging, Nuat Paen Booran, obtaining a diploma at the exclusive south-east Asian Buddhist temple of Wat Poh school of massaging, in Bangkok.  She is now working in Vicenza as a traditional Shiatsu massager

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