GrandMaster Carlos Roberto Silva

Grandmaster Carlos Roberto Silva Bio;  Born in Joao Pessoa City, the capital of Paraiba State Brazil, he stated martial arts training in 1973, Traditional Karate in Judo Clube Pessoense, the only official School of Martial Arts there at that time. after several years in Karate, he moved Muay Thai when he moved to campina grande city to finish his bachelors degree at UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DA PARAIBA

.He was the only Student of Master Carlos Nunes to teach the noble art of Muay Thai in Paraiba State. He got his Kru degree in 1983 and Until then only few people were teaching Thai Boxing in Brazil.

   He was one of the first o get a Diploma from CBP (CONFEDERACAO BRASILEIRA DE PUGILISMO) in Thai Boxing. And later one of the first to get a diploma from de Muay Thai Department of CBP. He was the representative of Muay Thai in Paraiba States until he came to U.S. in 1998. HE is 10th. degree Black Belt in American Kickboxing and Founder of CBKBT(CONFEDERACAO BRASILEIRA DE KICKBOXING TRADICIONAL), He represents several international organizations of martial arts and he holds black belts in all of them. He is also 9th. degree in Okinawa's Shorei Ryu Karate-do, 5th. degree in Hapkido, 1st. degree in WTF Taekwondo, 5th. degree in Kubudo, 1st. degree black belt in Ninjutsu Togakure Ryu. Grandmaster Silva also holds 2 Masters Degrees in PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION from Brigham Young University and EDUCATION LEADERSHIP from Southern Utah University. Also he holds a PHD in Martial Arts From W.O.M.A. He promotes, and develop curriculum for martial arts and published a book called "KICKBOXING THE MODERN MARTIAL ART" in Brazil in 2008. He is a member o several hall of fame in U.S. and he was honored by the Brazilian publishers on the book " THE BRAZIL GREATEST MASTERS" in 2009 and he was the cover of FIGHTER MAGAZINE the most important magazine in Brazil for martial arts.


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