The Kruang Wrang:

A Thai boxers arm bands, which are wrapped around the bicep, have a very special meaning to thai fighters;



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How to tie a Kwrang Wrang 'arm  band'

1.) Ensure the Kwrang Wrang is  free from  twists and  knots
2.) After placing the  Kwrang Wrang around your arm, to gauge where you should tie the stop knot. Take the Kwrang Wrang off,  hold it in the place where you wish to tie the stop knot.
3.) Tie the stop knot where you require it, on one end of the Kwrang Wrang.
4.) Lop the stop knot free end off the Kwrang Wrang,  over and under the stop knot end of the Kwrang Wrang (ensuring you do this below the stop knot.)
5.) Loop the stop knot free end off the Kwrang Wrang, over itself.
6.) Loop the stop knot free off the Kwrang Wrang, under and through the loop you have just created.
7.) Pull tight both ends  of the Kwrang Wrang.

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