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Kru William in Thailand
Kru William began his Martial Arts studies at the age of seven under the guidance of the late Grand Master Lee Wah in the Triple Dragon Gung Fu. With years of training he became a top student of the late Grand Master.

In his years in the Martial Arts Kru William had the privilege to train and meet Masters such as Yip Wing Hong, Lam Won Quan, Raymond Nelson and Liu Chai Hui aka (Master Killer).

In 1989 Kru William met former Thailand champion Lome Esarn Noi (Little breeze from the country) SorThani Kul. Kru William then followed Lome to Thailand to learn the art of Muay Thai, the science of eight limbs! Kru William was the only foreign student of the former champion.  For eight consecutive years Kru William trained and observed the ways of Muay Thai from champions of top camps such as: Sor Thai Kul, Sor Supawon, Sor plungit, Gaitbang chon, Luplot bot, Fairtex, Pon yuta Poom and Det Lok Gym.


Kru William is well known and respected throughout the Martial Arts world. He is a practitioner and competitor for over thirty years. Today, having over eighteen years of training in Muay Thai, he strives to maintain that same level of respect and competitiveness in Muay Thai through rigorous and intensive training in his teachings. Kru William is a private student of former Thailand champion Lome Esarn Noi  Sor Thani Kul  He is also the owner and head trainer of LIONS ROAR MUAY THAI CAMP!  The  only Muay Thai Camp in the  Bronx.


roaring lions muay thai gymKru William with young Lion cub trainingKru William  with former Champion Kaensak Sor. Plun GgitKru William  with  student Richard getting some  finer  pointsKru William's  Lions Roar Assistant Instructor JoeLIONS ROAR Patch
Kru  William training students  at the  Lions Roar  Muay Thai CampKru William with Assistant  instructor Joe fine tuning  little cub on the kicking shield.Kru William  with former Champion Kaensak Sor. Plun GgitRoaring Cubs Karate ClassMore  Karate Class with the  Cubs.Sensei Andre with beginners with the  Karate Cubs

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