"Muay Thai the World Heritage" Jun 24, 2001.

Ngam Wong Wan branch

Results of a Muay Thai promotion held at the Mall Shopping Center, Ngam Wong Wan branch under its slogan "Muay Thai the World Heritage". This promotion was live-broadcasted all around Thailand by Thai National ITV Channel from 4.00PM to 6.00PM on Jun 24, 2001.

Promoter: Songchai Ratansuban

1.) Denmuslim Wonmanee-Noi won Konkom Muangbua-Khao by unanimous decision. Scores: 49-47 from all 3 judges. Denmuslim used his superior long-ranged kick till his opponent couldn't get inside. He finally won "6-Quarter Tiger Cement Tournament" and earned 100,000 Bahts reward with a champion belt. ( 104 lbs.)

2.) Samran-Lek Sor.Sumalee won Thongchai-Lek Tor.Silachai by unanimous decision. Scores: 49-48 from all 3 judges. This bout was in "The 8th Mitsubishi L-200 Strada Tournament" first round. (130 lbs.)

3.) Main Event: Dejkralon Sor.Sumalee won Seemok Sithmonchai by unanimous decision. Scores: 50-47 and twice 49-47. (122 lbs.)

4.) Markdaeng Naratreekul knocked out O-Tee Kiatpramote in the 4th round. Markdaeng used his right high kick to his opponent's neck. This finished the contest immediately with a KO. (112 lbs.)

5.) Sorasak Sor.Samanchai ( former name Yokpetch Sith-Oar) won Mongkolsing Singpako on points. (113 lbs.)

 "Muay Thai the World Heritage" July 1st. 2001.

Bangkae branch

Results of a Muay Thai promotion  at the Mall Shopping Center, Bangkae branch under  "Muaythai the World Heritage".   Live-broadcast in Thailand by Thai National ITV Channel from 4.00PM to 6.00PM on July 1, 2001. 

Promoter: Songchai Ratanasuban

1.) Pravit Tor.Silachai knocked out Saengpetch Sor.Sakulpan in the 5th round. Pravit sent his opponent to the canvas in the 4th by a right elbow strike and finally stopped the contest in the 5th round by hard right punch. (105 lbs.)

2.) Huatapan Sor.Sumalee won against T-Lek Jor.Virajchai by unanimous decision. Scores: 49-47 and twice 49-48. This was the most exciting bout on the days card. T-Lek hit the canvas in the 3rd by Huatapan  who used all kinds of Muay Thai techniques to bring him down. Since then T-Lek tried hard to score more explicit points but got no success. However, the winner Huatapan had a cut on the left side of his mouth  by T-Lek's elbow strike and finally needed 12 stitches. He gained  6,000 Bahts special reward as the cut indemnity after the fight. Huatapan weighed 132 lbs. and T-Lek 130 lbs.

3.) Main Event: Kaolan Kaovichit won against Pachonsuek Lukprabart by a unanimous decision. Scores: 49-47 from all 3 judges. Kaolan finally captured the vacant WMTC Welterweight title but needed 6 stitches at his right eyebrow. (147 lbs.)

4.) Kaensak Kimbua-Petroleum knocked out Demmechai Ruamchaipuan in the 3rd round. Kaensak threw an excellent right elbow to Demmechai's chin and the fight immediately ended. Kaensak received the excellent Muay Thai arts reward of 3,000 Bahts. (120 lbs.)

5.) Pitakchai Kiatsombat also knocked out Litthichai Maimuangkorn in the 3rd round. (103 lbs.)

"Muay Thai the World Heritage"

   Ngam Wong Wan branch         July 8, 2001

Live from 4.00PM TO 6.00PM by National ITV Channel 

Promoter: Songchai Ratanasuban

1.) "The 8th Mitsubishi L-200 Strada Tournament" first round
Saddam Kiatyongyuth scored a 2nd round TKO victory over Kiatchai 13 Coins-Tower. Saddam was far superior. He threw  all Muay Thai techniques until Kiatchai had a standing 8-count in the 2nd round. Saddam followed  by an elbow until his opponent had a cut on the right eyebrow where the referee stepped in to call a halt.

Saddam finally qualified to the semi-final with an excellent record of a total of 3 wins, all by knockout, in the first round. He received the highest points in group A. While Kiatchai got no wins at all, 1 draw and 2 defeats, and needed 5 stitches on his right eyebrow. Saddam weighed in at 130 lbs. and Kiatchai 132 lbs.

2.) "M-150 Million-Baht Knockout Tournament" semi final
(111 lbs.) Dennaklang Sor.Veerapan defeated  Singdam Sor.Sakulpan by a one-sided unanimous decision. Two Judges scored him at 50-47 and the third Judge at 49-47. Dennaklang used his excellent left left techniques so that Singdam couldn't get inside to counter. Singdam accepted his loss  although he had earlier beaten Dennaklang  in other bouts before. 

3.) "M-150 Million-Baht Knockout Tournament" semi final
Main Event: (111 lbs.) Suarthai Kiatcharnsing knocked out Nueng-Udorn Sor.Ploenchit in the 2nd round. Suarthai floored his opponent in the 1st round by sharp punch, but Nueng-Udorn got up quickly and was not counted by the referee. Suarthai sent his opponent to the canvas again early in the 2nd round by a low kick. This knockdown gave Nueng-Udorn a count by the referee. Suarthai controlled all of the fight and finally stopped the contest by a strong  straight left punch to his opponent's jaw. 

Consequently, the final match of this tournament will be battled between Dennaklang Sor.Veerapan and  Suarthai Kiatcharnsing. Suarthai announced firmly that he strongly believes he will be the champion of the tournament. He has beaten Dennaklang before and will repeat it for another time in the upcoming great fight. As for Promoter Songchai, he said to the press that the "Dennaklang - Suarthai " final match will be an excellent event and will arrange the bout for early August 2001 at Rajadamnern Stadium.

4.) Denpiboon-Lek Or.Kiatpiboon defeated Smingchai ( 106 lbs.) Sor.Chaicharoen by unanimous decision. Scores: 49-48 from all 3 judges. Denpiboon-Lek had his first win after continues losses con . 

5.) Kaona Chokladda defeated Ekpetch Naratreekul on points. (103 lbs.)

 Muay Thai Promotion, Rajchadamnern Stadium 

Bangrachan Program       July 11, 2001.

Promoters:Colonel-Police Prachuab Paoin Songchai Ratanasuban

 This promotion was co-promoted by high-positioned police officer Mr. Prachuab Paoin and Mr. Songchai Ratanasuban.

1.) Saennueng Luksamrong won Pornlert-Noi Tor.Saengtian-Noi on points. (100 lbs.)

2.) Saensong Luksamrong won Sakpaitoon Sor.Sakulpan on points. (101 lbs.)

3.) Petchsanay Sithmonchai won Nopparat Kiatkamthorn on points. (104 lbs.)

4.) Kaluehas Saksomchai won Ungkarn-Lek Porpaoin on points. Scores: 49-48 from all 3 judges. (132 lbs.)

5.) Kongprai Por.Pinyo won Palee (Sor.Ploenchit) Sithmonchai on points. Scores: 49-48 from all 3 judges. (117 lbs.)

6.) Anantadej Monsongkram won Wonmechai Menayothin on points. Scores: 49-48 from all 3 judges. (118 lbs.)

7.) Main Event:     Michael Sor.Sakulpan won Wonpichai Sor.Kamsing on points. Scores: 49-45 from all 3 judges. Michael finally captured vacant WMTC Bantamweight title. (118 lbs.)

8.) Kongtap Nor.Sakcharoen KO2 Kwanthai Sithkaewprapol. Kongtap weighed 113 lbs. and Kwanthai 111 lbs.

9.) Payak-Lek Sithmonchai won Daochai Por.Pinyo on points. (104.5 lbs.)

10.) Six-Round International style:  Yodpetch Sor.Sakulpan W6 Poraput Sithmonchai. (111 lbs.) This promotion was a charity event and finally earned the ticket-income of 746,940 Bahts. Some will be given to the museum and library of Police Cadet School. There were about 200 foreign attendants joining.

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