Phraya Pichai

Lerd Drit, a form of Thai  armed and unarmed martial arts gleaned from a variety of  military combat arts, through the centuries of  foreign intervention into Thailand. Mostly coming from China, India,  Japan and other areas of Asia. The Thais much like many other nations took what was necessary for there particular terrain, and culture and combined it with there own tried and tested form of fighting.

Though this is not to say that the Thai's did not have their own form of unarmed fighting,  they only took what they thought was useful. Learning many of the throwing and take-down techniques from the influence of the Japanese Samurai of Yamada Nagasama. Thailand 

Being a nation surrounded by five other countries, it is not surprising to see an influx of different martial arts entering the Thai arsenal. Cambodia and Vietnam who had been influenced much by China, and Burma, Annam, and Laos sliding slightly towards Nepal and India, with a small injection of the Chinese arts. 

Trade and commerce had also increased the knowledge of foreign martial arts, where Thai merchants,  pilgrims  and ambassadors  with the usual  bodyguards detachment would  travel to India and China.  

It was also noted that on many of these trips would eventually  lead to viewing small skirmishes, between either bandits or armies, Thai soldiers were able to watch how particular weaponry techniques were used... be up-dated later...

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