The Mohawks of North America verus the Taino's of the Caribbean..


 NAL Champion Mike  Martelle a member  of the Mohawk nation  of North America managed to tapp out the behemoth Booker Gray  a Taino from  Jamaica, with a Holanda (a shoulder lock known to some of you as a "Kimura") late in the second round!!

 It was Booker Gray's first pro MMA fight, but he had a pro Muay Thai record of 6-1 and a purple belt in BJJ. He was much better than I expected, and used his weight (307 at weigh-in) to full advantage.  Booker Gray is  of Taino background  making this a true CARL event He kicked me to the body a lot, and we spent about half the time on the ground.


                        Jamaica's Booker Gray

 I worked a lot from the bottom, and finally caught him. Great guy, popped right up to his feet smiling and hugged me. Helped me put on the new belt - the new USMTA-NAL World Muay Chaat Cherk Super Heavyweight Championship!  

It was absolute ghetto madness. The show was held outdoors, despite a torrential downpour that meant most of the lights wouldn't work, so we fought in what seemed like near-darkness.  As always, thanks to Kru Eric Advincula, Phil Gelinas, and Fabio Holanda for all the training over the years!

Here is a photo of Champion Mike Martelle taken back at the hotel the next day.  Mike said.' I still feel like it was worth it, because I'm now the USMTA-NAL Super Heavyweight World Champion!!  The  door is  open for  all  to contend,  I'm glad to have been of service.  Maybe St-Lucia  is the next Island, next time. 

The Carib League begins.....     Story still pending.....


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