MTI the newsletter magazine has been in circulation since 1993 and is read in over 100 countries around the world. Formerly known as MTUSKBN, " Muay Thai U. S. Kick Boxing News" since 1991, it had grown to include many international countries as readers and subscribers, it was renamed to the shorter MTI in 1993.

MTI has covered the sport of Muay Thai in America and Europe since it's conception and expanded its coverage to include Thailand and other countries. Many photo's inside the hard copy issues were taken by American Muay Thai photographer Lucas Cotte III, who has become one of the best, if not the first American photographer for the sport of Thai Boxing, where his photo's have been seen all over the world. Check on the latest news and reviews from around the country, where events are happening, see the results and check on the latest rankings and ratings of American fighters.

Read the opinionated reviews of the infamous Mr. Nasty! His often hilarious remarks are a delight to many and a pain to others, but he is a staunch supporter of Muay Thai as many have found out.

If your in to stories, then check out Huajai Lek! "...the saga continues..." This story has been read and acclaimed worldwide. It revolves around a young Thai fighter and his nemises, a sadistic and ruthless drug lord who learned his trade as a member of an elite Special Operations group in Vietnam. An avenging angel spawned from the war torn jungles of Cambodia, becomes Huajai Leks guardian. They cross the globe in a cat and mouse game that leaves a trail of death and destruction. Each are linked together through a series of events that change their lives , each with a personal goal and score to settle.

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Check on our upcoming MTI (Video Streaming) section that will soon be relaying information and news to you by streaming video, using several of the Media players.

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