The 1998  Third Kings Cup Amateur Muay Thai  International Championships were held at the Crocodile farm in Samutprakarn, Thailand just outside of Bangkok, Thailand. The event  began on August 16th and ended on August the 23rd. But this time is was a little different as the World Muay Thai Council now promoted the event and not  the Amateur Muay Thai Association of Thailand, as was previous years, though the event   regulations were still under the AMTAT,  and the IFMA. Countries represented this year; America, Australia,  Belarus, Czech Republic, Cambodia,  CIS, France, Finland, Holland, Iran,  Ireland, Kazakhstan, Macao, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Singapore,  Samoa, Thailand, Turkmenistan,   Uzbekistan,  Ukraine.   

Activities after the King's Cup; Training for fighters either at the MuayThai Institute, in a Bangkok Camp or outside Bangkok e.g. Kanchanaburi, Pattaya or Koh Samui Island was available, and. Mr. Amnuay, the manager of the Muay Thai Institute and proprietor of Rangsit Stadium was running a Muay Thai program every Thursday night and whoever wanted to stay on and fight were welcome.

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Moti Horenstein, poses for a photograph with an official of the 1998 3rd Kings Cup event at the Crocodile farm in Samutprakarn, Thailand.

U.S. Team Coach Vladimir Borodin, and Gold medal winner Moti Horenstein pose for a photograph with Mr. Amnuay,  the proprietor of Rangsit Stadium

The Itinerary and Schedule for the 3rd King's Cup Date: 16th to 23rd August . The Venue: Bangkok Samutpakarn, Crocodile Farm. Schedule  Day of arrival Saturday, 15th of August. General medical & weigh in, 16th of August, The King's Cup Opening ceremony, and  preliminary bouts (incl. Quarter finals) 16th - 20th of August.  Semi-final, 21st of August, Rest day and sightseeing, 22nd of August, final and closing ceremony, 23rd of August.

        Kings Cup Weight Categories:

Pin Weight up to 45kg.                 Light Fly Weight -under 48kg.
Fly Weight -  51kg.                        Bantam Weight - under 54kg.
Feather Weight - 57kg.                 Lightweight - under 60kg.
Light Welter Weight - 63.5kg.      Welter Weight - under 67kg.
Light Middle Weight - 71kg.         Middle Weight - under 75kg.
Light Heavy Weight -  81kg.         Heavy Weight - under 91kg.
                                                         Super heavy weight - 91+kg.

The Referee and Judge; Each participating country was to bring in one registered Referee-Judge who was to be IFMA registered. Number of rounds: Preliminary bouts (until the semi final) - 5 x 2 minutes rounds. Final 5 x 2 minutes with a 1 minute rest between rounds. The Boxing Ring : The rules will be in conjunction with the Amateur MuayThai Association of Thailand (AMTAT), and the International Federation of Muay Association  (IFMA), Referees will be  skilled Muay Thai Referees from all over the World.

The Medical Organizing Committee: was to arrange for medical care during the period of the championships. Every competitor had to receive a general medical examination. The training facilities are provided at the Crocodile Farm where participants could train in good, clean surroundings.

(left) Aslan Khamzatov of  Kazakhstan (silver medal), Moti Horenstein USA (Gold medal), Rustam Tagainzazrov  of Uzbekistan and Phoprai Chalermphol of Thailand (Bronze medals) stands on the winners podium at the Kings Cup.

 Moti Horenstein  and Vladimir Borodin pose for a photo with  WMTC General Secretary Major General Vorayudh Meesommon at the dinner reception for the Kings Cup event.

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