Rules of Participation: (1.) Each country could enter one fighter in any of the above weight categories. (2). Each Country could enter a maximum of 7 fighters. (3.)  Fighters rated in the top ten of the World Muay Thai Council or  rated as World Champions in any other overseas or International sanctioning body were not eligible to enter the tournament.

The presentation of  false statements would result in disqualification. (4.) The 3rd King's Cup was to be contested in accordance with the regulations and was to be under the supervision of the IFMA. The organizing committee was to supply all the protective equipment.(5). Fighters supplied their own shorts, either red or blue - depending on the corner.

Arjarn Tony Moore of Great Britain and U.S. Team Coach Vladimir Borodin during a training session with Super Heavyweight Moti Horenstein at Borodin's Gym in Brooklyn New York

Team Coach Vladimir Borodin and Super Heavyweight Champion  Moti Horenstein pose for a photo in front of the portrait of His Majesty King Bhomibol of Thailand at the Kings Cup Championships.

Official Teams: If the Team consists of 5 fighters they were to be accompanied by one coach, and for a team with  6 fighters or more, then they were allowed to be accompanied by 2 officials and 1 judge -referee.  Food and Accommodation: The Organizing Committee was   responsible for accommodation and food for the fighters and officials including the referee and judge from one day before the event until one day after.

Medals and Diplomas: The winning medallists  received Gold, Silver or Bronze medals plus a diploma. Every participant   received a souvenir donated by the Crocodile Farm, and trophies were awarded for the best 'Wai Kru' and the 'Most Outstanding Fighter' of the Tournament.

 Wilai and Narong Wongprasertkavn the owners of Twins Thai Boxing Equipment relax to discuss new products and equipment with Vladimir Borodin at the hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. To the victor go the spoils, Moti gathers a montage of female fans in Bangkok, before heading off to the Kings Cup Championship event in Samutprakarn and poses for a final photo.

U.S. Team members: Team Coach Vladimir Borodin, Judge/Referee Fred Fitzgerald, Translator Pia Fitzgerald. Moti Horenstein 91+ kg , Deryl Watson 67kg,  and Kevin Raffa 60kg  U.S. Team sponsors: Ben Nadorf President of Everlast and   Denis Clancy who supplied uniforms shorts and Corner jackets for the team, and Jamaica Hardware Supplies   who helped sponsor the Air tickets for the team.

Team USA member Naksuyao Soksoda better known as Kevin Raffa from California, at the Crocodile farm in Thailand, finally gets his girl, after Moti Horenstein appears to have captured most of them Kevin   ended up with what was left....

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