San Pablo Casino, San Pablo, California October 24th, 1998


"George "TNT" Tsutsui successfully defends his title.

Review by: Billy Soksoda

Fist, Feet, and Fury II held at the San Pablo Casino in San Pablo, California on October 24th, 1998 started out unorganized by the workers in the Casino.  People were running around not knowing what was going on. One casino worker was telling people when the door was going to open, and as the time came the worker said jokingly;  5:30 tomorrow.  All in all it was perhaps the most circus show I have seen.  There was a  casino worker wearing  a green uniform whom appeared to be acting as if he was in charge, but proved to be just as confused as the rest.  The same worker was rude and made tasteless jokes.  I can see why kickboxing is not so popular.

It also appeared that some of the fans were waiting for several hours, then decided to sell their tickets.  It is sad when   fans don't like the show even before it had started.  Kickboxing needs its fans or there won't be a sport.  I think that promoters and venue workers should give correct information on when the event  will open, and then open the doors at that time; that way fans don't have to stand and wait a hour or two.

There was a bout scratched from the fight card;   the IKKC California Middleweight Title bout between Willie Campbell and Baxter Humby.  Humby was called up and awarded the IKKC Amateur fighter of the Year.  The most unique thing about Humby was the fact that this man fought with just one arm.  He reminded me of Jim Abbot in baseball.  Great heart and determination will make a champion and he had them both.

Now getting into the fights was quite interesting.   The fighters didn't know when to go, and the programs were not correct.  The bouts started an hour after the official start time.  The viewing on the side T.V's was better than the seats. It would have been far better to watch this event on 'Pay Per View'  than at the event.  There was only 6 real fights and two exhibition bouts on the card.

Lets start off with the two exhibitions bouts.  The first exhibition bout was a first time ever in the IKKC.  Battle of the sexes in the ring.  World Champion Female kick boxer Jolene Blackshear spar off with Jeremy Powell; both of the fighters were from Sonoma Martial Arts.  This was a no win situation for Powell as he halfway hit Blackshear.  Blackshear showed great boxing skills but it was only an exhibition bout.  Great show by Powell as he allowed Blackshear to land some punches but then he would counter back "half way". I would like to see Blackshear fight a Muay Thai bout against one of the most premier female Muay Thai kick boxer 86lbs Sengeko Soksoda.

The second exhibition bout was between two Muay Thai fighters out of Fairtex.  Jongsanan "Wooden Man" Fairtex and Dion Bienne.  Both of these fighters are champions.  Jongsanan the former two time Lumpinni Champion and Dion the WKA Australian Champion.  Both fighters in the first two rounds made it look it was choreographed, but in the third round they turned up the speed and showed more skill.  Jongsanan showing great elbows and knees and Dion displaying great skill in boxing and knees.  Jongsanan was having his own way by throwing Dion everywhere.  Thank Fairtex for an exciting show of Muay Thai fighting.

The first bout was between (131 lbs.) Vantha Chhim (Gene Fields Kickboxing) Vs (134 lbs.) Mark Tabusco (Martial Arts Enterprise) for the IKKC US Jr. Lightweight Championship.  Tabusco dominated the entire fight with his hands, but he did walk away with a blooded nose.   Chhim threw in great knees and followed up with many wild punches.  One of Chhim's wild punches landed on Tabusco's nose which started to bleed in the fourth round and this  affected Tabusco performance, as he wasn't landing his own punches as precisely as he was in the first three rounds.  However, he still managed in the fourth round to stun Chhim several times with  right hand punches.

The judges scored the bout 48-47 49-46 49-46 and by unanimous decision Tabusco was the winner.  The second bout was for the IKKC US Jr. Middleweight Championship between (156 lbs.) Randy Tsutsui (Fairtex) Vs (154 lbs.) John Ellcessor (World Muay Thai).  Ellcessor landed great knees and got Tsutsui in trouble in the first round with a series of combination   punches.  The third round was all Ellcessor, Tsutsui who was several inches shorter than Ellcessor manage to land heavy punches and low kicks, however,   Ellcessor defended with kicks and followed up with a punch to the face that dropped Tsutsui where he received a standing eight count, but this was not the end.  When Tsutsui got up, Ellcessor went to work with a high kick that knocked down Tsutsui   once again.  Late in the third round Tsutsui pressured Ellcessor, but got hit as he was coming in and slipped.

However, it was called a knocked down by referee Dan Stell.  This ended the bout and Ellcessor won by TKO in the third round. The third bout was between (119 3/4 lbs.) Billy Olsen (Fairtex) Vs (123lbs.) Victor Aguilera (Long Beach Kickboxing) for the vacant California Professional Featherweight Championship.  Both Aguilera and Olsen were making their Professional debuts.  Both fighters looked out of shape as they both appeared to be getting tired before first round had ended.  Olsen showed good skills with the knees, but kept dropping his head and swing wildly.  Aguilera on the other hand showed good skill   landing several precise punches.

  Aguilera dominated the entire fight and got Olsen in trouble several times.  After five rounds the judges scored the fight 50-43 50-43 and 50-42.  The winner by unanimous decision was Victor Aguilera.

Talk has it that Enn Fairtex may fight Aguilera and Phongmong Soksoda will fight Olsen.  However, Promoter Dennis Warner has said that the winners of this bout will fight Phongmong Soksoda.  We will wait to see. The fourth fight of the night was between the long awaited (226 1/2 lbs.) Wrath White a K-1 Alternative fighter (Master Toddy) Vs (217 lbs.) Paulla Londe (Vancouver, B.C) fighting for the IKKC US Heavyweight Title.  Wrath came out compose and picked his shots to land.  White landed many hard kicks and punches.  He didn't seem to be aggressive, however Londe was on the defense the entire round.  Those kicks and punches did some damage to Londe; and he would not come out of his corner for the second round.  White won by TKO at the end of the first round.

The fifth bout was  the most talked about between (181 3/4 lbs.) Maurice Travis (Malibu) and the IKF US Champion (184 lbs.) Kwame Stephans (Chicago, IL.).  In the first round Travis looked like a Hawk waiting for the kill. Travis seems too much for Stephans by landing a punch and then knocking Stephans down with a left hook.  Travis didn't waist anytime as he knocked his opponent out one minute in the first round, with a right hook.  The main event feature (147 lbs.) George "TNT" Tsutsui (Fairtex) and (142 1/2 lbs) David "Snake" Blocker (Long Beach Kickboxing).  The bout was Tsutsui defense of his IKKC World Jr. Welterweight Title. 

Tsutsui making his climb to stardom, did it impressively with Blocker.  Tsutsui seem too much for Blocker,  by landing several low kicks that damaged Blocker's leg. Blocker switched leading legs and again ,Tsutsui went right back and continued attacking Blockers legs.  Blocker got in trouble in the third round when several low kicks and heavy punches from Tsutsui.  He continued to attack  Blocker's body with more punches and knees.  These proved too much for Blocker who would not defend himself.  The referee stepped in and stopped the bout at 2:38 seconds of the third round.  A successful title defense by George "TNT" Tsutsui.  I would like to see Tsutsui fight Dan Steel in the near future.  Dan Steel has been making a name for himself at Draka. 

*Note:  After the event there were several drunken fans who got into a fist fight.   Fans like this really give Muay Thai and Kickboxing a bad name.  Police Officers had to restrain the fans to stop the fight.  I am glad that there were Police Officers at the event,  because the Security guards could not restrain any of the drunken fighters.  It took four Security guards to hold one individual down, but took only one officer to restrain the same man.  The safety of fans, and fighters were at risk and the Security guards were ready to hit any bystander.   Kickboxing fans like this give the sport a black eye.

  ...Results of The Event...

Bout #1  IKKC US Amateur Jr. Lightweight Championship Mark Tabusco (Martial Arts Enterprise) defeated Vantha Chhim (Gene Fields Kickboxing) Unanimous Dec. Judges score: 48-47,  49-46,   49-46.

Bout #2  IKKC US Amateur US Jr. Middleweight Championship John Ellcessor (World Muay Thai) defeated Randy Tsutsui (Fairtex) 3rd round TKO.

Bout #3  IKKC California Featherweight Championship Victor Aguilera (Long Beach Kickboxing) defeated Billy Olsen (Fairtex) unanimous Dec. Judges score  50-43, 50-43, 50-42.

Bout #4  IKKC US Heavyweight Championship Wrath White (Master Toddy) defeated Paulla Londe (Vancouver, BC) Londe refused to come out of his corner after the first round.

Bout #5  IKKC North American Lt. Heavyweight Championship Maurice Travis (Malibu) defeated Kwame Stephans (Chicago. IL.) by KO one minutes of the 1st round.

Bout #6 IKKC World Jr. Welterweight Championship George "TNT" Tsutsui (Fairtex) defeated David "Snake" Blocker 2:38 3rd round TKO.

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