Jongsanan "Wooden Man" Fairtex wins  the vacant IKF North American Welterweight Title

By: Billy Soksoda

IKF Promoter Mr. Nasser Niavoroni successfully promoted a Championship Kickboxing and Muay Thai event on December 9, 1998.  Mr. Niavoroni filled The Raddisson Hotel on a Wednesday night with an action packed evening. There were two Professional bouts and nine amateur bouts.  The fans were treated to one of the best event on the West Coast. Sacramento hosted the second time, Legendary Muay Thai fighter; two time Lumpinni Champion: Jongsanan Fairtex (San Francisco, Ca).  He fought impressively outclassing Fernando Calleros (Albuquerque, New Mexico) in a five round North American title bout.  Jongsanan was the more experienced fighter and kept Calleros guessing the whole fight.  Fernando threw in everything yet the "Wooden Man" blocked everything thrown in his way.

Jongsanan countered with many arsenal attacks including flying kicks, alligator tail (spinning back heel kick), and jumping knees.  Jongsanan dropped Calleros in the fourth round with a roundhouse kick to the mid section.   The judges saw the bout 48-46 48-47 48-46 making the new IKF North American Welterweight Champion Jongsanan "Wooden Man" Fairtex. The Main event was between Sacramento rising star, Full Contact fighter Eric Regan taking on Albuquerque, New Mexico's Cecil Hagins for the IKF Middleweight Intercontinental Championship.

This bout was the reason these fans came to a fight on a Wednesday night.  Regan was not to disappoint his fans as he landed many different combinations and kept Hagins on the defense.    Hagins was well over match against Regan.  Regan the upcoming World Class Full Contact fighter and Hagins who lost a bout to Jongsanan Fairtex in October by TKO.  Regan controlled the entire bout landing his punch kick combo that dropped Hagins.  Hagins was not landing much of anything, while his opponent destroy him with a flurry of different kicks and punches. Hagins nose started to bleed and with every punch Hagins would shower the fans with his blood. 
He looked daze and confuses as he looked to his corner.  It seems as though Hagins wanted to quite but he didn't and he paid the price.  Regan can on even stronger to finish his opponent. Referee Dan Stell stopped the bout 1:45 of the third round in a six round fight.
Here are the results of the other bouts:
There was an exhibition bout between Katie Ear (Fairtex) and Angela Rivera (Jim Vanover).   This didn't look anything like an exhibition bout.  Both fighters fought hard and a great start to a great show. Bout one saw Armondo Ramos (Fairtex) takes on Vantha Chhim (Gene Fields) for the vacant IKF Lightweight California Championship.  Chhim was his normal self throwing many punches and landing few.  Ramos went to work with the knees and devastating low kicks. 
The low kicks did its damage in round two when Chhim was hobbling and staying on the defense.  Chhim fought strong but lost a unanimous decision to Ramos 29-28 30-27 30-27.
Bout two saw Dewy Cooper (One Kick) take on Mike Marinoble (Dave Marinoble) in a three round match.  Cooper was the more experience fighter, however Marinoble was not going to just lay down and just take it.  After getting knocked down by Cooper, Marinoble came on strong in the third round.  It was too late and Coopers wins on all three judges 30-26. Bout three saw the Paul Bunyan take on Carter Williams (Gene Fields).   Yes that is correct Paul Bunyan, however he didn't have his Ox with him this time.    Bunyan who is several inches taller than Williams used his height to his advantages.  He hammered Williams in the third round but Williams would not quite. The judges saw the bout 28-28 28-28 and 29-28. Majorities draw
Bout four was a female lightweight international rules bout between Marlowe McCray (Mel's House of Thunder) taking on Jessica Eliss Nobles (Nasser Niavoroni).  Nobles had great hands and dominated with the hands.  Every time McCray would kick Nobles counter with a punch.  In the third round in the corner World Champion Mel Manor told McCray to attack the leg.  It turns out that those devastating leg kicks did the damage as Nobles was backing up and staying away from McCray's leg kicks.
McCray continue to damage Nobles' leg however it was not enough as all the judges saw the bout 29-28 the winner Nobles. Bout five was Old Man Adam Rogers showing the kid how to KICK BOX.   Adam Rogers is on a winning streak wining his last two bouts.  Tonight his steps
into the ring with (4-1) Eddie Salas (One Kicks) from Las Vegas, NV. Rogers thought this was a full contact bout as he was told however Salas was told it would be international rules.  Rogers had no problem with that as he took off the boots.  Salas started the bout with heavy leg kicks but Rogers counter with a punch kick combo.  Salas stayed busy but Rogers was landing many different combinations.  Rogers took another win tonight as he goes 4-2 with a unanimous decision all three judges scored it 30-27.

Bout six was perhaps the fight of the night.  Rising amateur star (7-1) Juan Escobar from Seaside, Ca taking on (5-2) Domonic Robles of Sacramento, Ca.  This was a war as both fighters fought hard and only one can win. Escobar used a calm defense against a heavy hand fighter Robles.  Robles didn't have a feel out period as he pounded Escobar to where his nose was bleeding severally.   Escobar being only eighteen would not give up and continue to throw kicks.   Robles in the second round picked his shots to the head and started to get Escobar in trouble.  The third round was an all out war as both fighters were exchanging blows after blows.  The all the judges scored the bout 30-27, the winner Domonic Robles.  Escobar is only eighteen and already a US Champion; he will only get better.

Bout seven was an interesting bout as Fairtex's fighter Kazushi Nishida of San Francisco, Ca was told the bout was a five round Muay Thai championship bout and Dareen Freeman of Susanville, Ca was told it would be a three round internationally rules bout.  The Fairtex corner was not quick to say yes to an internationally rules bout because the knee is such an essential weapon.  It was heard that Kazushi was being a wus.

Well, if anyone knows of Muay Thai taking the knee away would be like telling a full contact rules fighter he can not punch. The great camp Fairtex is decided the show must go on and went ahead with the internationally rules bout.  The bout was a great fight, as both fighters were knocked down, Freeman in the first with a head kick and Nishida in the fourth round with an uppercut.

Several times in the bout Nishida had Freeman in the clinch but he could not knee. Nishida whole game plan was messed up with it being an international rules bout.  However, the fight could have gone either way but the judges scored the fight 48-45, 46-47 47-46 and the winner by split decision Darren Freeman.  If this had been a Muay Thai bout no doubt Nishida would have won easily.  This bout is still in question by the IKF.

Bout nine saw a full contact United States Championship bout between Tawn Saephan (Marinoble Kickboxing) and Brett Spaid (Nasser Niavoroni) both of Roseville, Ca.   Saephan lost to Nasser Macaroni's fighter Billy Beach in November and was determine in this bout.  Saephan stayed busy the entire fight while Spaid used his experience (10-1) to controlled the bout. Saephan threw a lot of flashy kicks but only a few had landed, Spaid was moving and picking his shots.  Saephan was not however going to quite the "Lion King" tonight; Spaid relied on his hands in the last round for the win 48-47 on all three judges. Another great show by Nasser Niavoroni.  The fans left happy and wanting more.  This event showcase upcoming stars and legends.  This is one of the top ten fights of the year on the West Coast.  Great job!


Bout  #1  Vacant IKF Lightweight Muay Thai Championship Armondo Ramos (Fairtex) def. Vantha Chhim (Gene Fields) by Unanimous decision 29-28 30-27 and 30-27

Bout  #2  Dewy Cooper (Nick's One Kicks) def. Mike Marinoble by Unanimous decision 30-26 30-26 and 30-26

Bout  #3   Paul Bunyan (Bakersfield, Ca) Maj. Draw Carter Williams( Gene Fields)

Bout  #4 Jessica Ellis Nobles (Nasser Navorni) def. Marlowe McCray( Mel's House of Thunder) by Unanimous Decision 29-28 29-28 and 29-28

Bout  #5   Adam Rogers( Rick Nobles) def. Eddie Salas (Nick's One Kicks) by Uniamous Decision 30-27 30-27 and 30-27

Bout  #6  Dominic Robles (Nasser Navorni) def. Juan Escobar (Rick Nobles) by Uniamous decision 30-27 30-27 and 30-27

Bout  #7  Vacant IKF US Middleweight Championship Dareen Freeman (Iron Horse) def. Kazushi Nishida by decision split  58-45 46-47 and 47-46

Bout  #8 IKF US Light Welterweight Championship Brett Spaid (Nasser Navorni) def. Tawn Saephan by Uniamous decision 48-47 48-47 and 48-47

Bout  #9  Semi Main Event  Vacant IKF Professional North American Muay Thai Championship Jongsanan Fairtex (Fairtex) def. Fernando Calleros by Uniamous decision 48-46 48-46 and 48-47

Bout #10 Main Event Vacant IKF Professional Intercontinental Full Contact Championship Eric Regan (Nasser Niavoroni) def. Cecil Hagins by TKO 1:45


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