WKBF Atomweight World Championship Title, Australia



Top coach American Muay Thai Vladimir Borodin from Brooklyn New York and Young fighter Nicholas Blagovisny, also from Brooklyn New York and representing the USMTA, did a pretty good job in his championship bout against Toby Westcott from Australia.  Toby who was really tough and of course much more experienced fighter then Nicholas. Toby has fought and trained in Thailand  twice and  has trained for six years previously and has a record of 15 fights!!!  But it was good experience for Nikcholas who fought Like a tiger. A No Gear contest and full Muay Thai rules was amazing.

When jet lag began to catch up Nicholas in the in 3rd round, the bout was finally stopped. The call was given to keep Nicholas safe. Nicholas had blocked every kick thrown against him and was quite an aggressive fighter.

Nicholas  was a little bit slow in his clinch work and other than  that he was just awesome.


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