APRIL 5th-2008


Written by Miguel “Wufang” Rivera

Fight House was the place to be April 5th for the second edition of “Muay Thai Madness”. This event was sanctioned by the United States Muay Thai Association USMTA  and brought to you by Pit bull Promotions. And now, on to the fights…

Match One 130lbs Limit

Darius Allen (Extreme Muay Thai  Vs David Shmulenson (Bars Boxing Gym)

Excellent opening fight both of these thirteen year old fighters set the pace for the night. A slow start by David but Darius as always comes to fight and pushed the pace from the bell. Darius landed beautiful hand and feet combinations David soon picked up the pace and began landing effective combinations of his own.  In the second round David came out more confident circling Darius and picking his shots. Darius began to show signs of Fatigue and David took advantage and closed the second round with an assault. The final round both fighters determined to seal their victory came out slugging it out. It was Darius’ cleaner shots and clinch work that helped seal his unanimous decision.




Match Two 65lbs Limit

Frankie Amiano (Varlaro’s Muay Thai) Vs Reshat Mati (Bars Boxing Gym)

Time for the kids to get it on again. Frankie opened up with a beautiful Wai Kru Ram Muay. It’s always fun to watch the kids go at it. They are care free and just get in there to handle their business and these two 10 year olds were no exception. While Frankie demonstrated very good  technique, Reshat very effective foot work and hand combinations were the key to his unanimous decision victory.


Match Three 147lbs Limit

Nick Harris (Weapons 9 Muay Thai) Vs John Kraljevick (5 points Fitness)

I was very surprised at Nick’s performance. I have seen Nick fight quite a few times and the Nick Harris that fought tonight was not the Nick Harris I was so impressed by before. Both fighters came out cautiously but soon began to pick up the pace. Not a whole lot of technique in this match and most of which was spent in the clinch. Both fighters began to run out of gas pretty quick but John seem to have a little more left in the tank which contributed to his unanimous decision win.


Match Four 185lbs Limit

Steve Rossi ( Ultimate Gym) Vs  Mike Halstrolm (NY Sanda)

It was time for the big boys to get it on. Very rare to you see a combination of speed and power from the big dudes. Although Mike Holstrolm was game, he was just no match for the brutal assault brought on by Steve Rossi. Thunderous body and leg kicks followed with explosive hand combinations topped off with a murderous clinch spelled doom of Holstrolm as the fight was stopped in the second round. Winner by TKO Steve Rossi.


Match Five 95lbs Limit

Vincent Pinero (Varlaro’s Muay Thai) Vs Steven Chertok (Bars Boxing Gym)

I remember watching Vincent fight at the Warriors Cup in New Jersey. I was so impressed by his finesse and ring savvy. His match tonight the one I was really looking forward to seeing.  And I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. In the opening round I was a little worried Steven had very good foot work and landed hand combinations seemingly at will. Steve used his reach advantage to throw Vincent off. After the first round though, Vincent had solved his opponent riddle and began to chop his opponent down landing very good kicks utilizing a very effective clinch. After three hard fought rounds, Vincent would get the unanimous decision.


Match six 150lbs

Steven Rodriguez (Extreme Muay Thai) Vs Adam Swindall (New York San Da)

Pretty good match. Steve is one of the more relaxed fighters from Extremes camp. He takes his time, picks his shots and creates openings. Adam seemed a little intimidated at first but began to find his rhythm. Both fighter put on a very good display of fighting spirit in the ring. And at the end of three. Steve would get the unanimous decision.


Match Seven 150lbs Limit (Kickboxing)

Kevin Molina (Molina’s Tae Kwon Do) Vs Alex Radinovskiy (Bars Boxing Gym)

This match was exciting from the opening bell Kevin came out of his corner and landed a beautiful spin kick that landed flush on Alex’s chest. An excellent display of Tae Kwon Do and boxing by Kevin Molina, I saw this young man fight at Corleone’s show a couple of month and I was very impressed by the way he effectively put his hands and feet together putting rest to the myth that Tae Kwon Do fighters don’t have hands. Alex who is accustomed to Muay Thai and Boxing was obviously thrown off by the flashy but effective spin kicks from Kevin Molina. At the end of three, Kevin would get the decision.


Match Eight  110lbs Limit

Jessie Napolitano (Extreme Muay Thai) Vs Natalies  Bries (5 Points Fitness)

It was time for the ladies to get it on. In spite of Natalies reach advantage; she was unable to use it to slow down the ball of fire Jessie Napolitano. Although most of the fight was spent in the clinch, when outside of the clinch Jessie was the aggressor throwing flurries of punches and kicks. Natalie showed a lot of heart and fought to the final bell but Jessie would get the decision.


Match Nine 160lbs Limit

Tony Flores (Sweet Science Gym) Vs Giaus Ebratt (5 Points Fitness)

This match was opposite of the one above. Giaus had the reach advantage and used it very well. Constantly catching Flores with two pieces and push kicks it seemed like an uphill battle for Tony to figure how to close the distance.  You have to give credit to Flores though, in spite of the frustration of trying to get inside Tony still pushed forward showing no signs of backing down. Towards the middle of the third round Tony had found his groove but by that time it was too late. Giaus would get the decision.


Match Ten 145lbs Limit

Stoney Morales (Extreme Muay Thai)  Vs Taras Holovatyy (Bars Boxing Gym)

Stoney Morales coming of a two losses was mentally set to put an end to his misfortune. And tonight he did just that. Taras flew out of his corner like a bat out of hell catching Stoney with a jump spinning back kick that landed flush. Stoney kept his cool though and slowly picked his shots and did damage in the clinch. Taras would maintain a fast pace first round making it difficult for Stoney to dictate the pace.  Taras would begin to fade in the later rounds and Stoney still fresh began pushing the fight landing effective combinations and continuing his assault in the clinch. At the end of the Stoney would get the decision.


Match Eleven 150 Lbs Limit

Joel Allen (Sweet Science Gym)  Vs  Eddie Martinez (5 Points Fitness)

It was time for the main event, both fighters coming off very impressive victories in their last fights. Eddie Martinez coming off a TKO win at Global Mayhem and Joel Allen coming off a winning a title at the Battle of Brooklyn. On paper, this seemed like a great match up, the only thing was both fighters came in and really weren’t themselves. Eddie Martinez who is known for being a very fast and slick fighter seemed to be looking for the knockout. Not something you see often from Eddie Martinez. Joel Allen who also is fast and slick seemed to be somewhat intimidated by Eddie and held back. I have seen Joel fight a few times and the Joel I saw tonight was not the Joel Allen that was put on that paper next the name Eddie Martinez. The fight was good and both fighters had their moments but I still feel this fight could have turned out better. At the end of three Eddie would get the nod.


Another successful show put on by Pit bull Promotions sanctioned by the USMTA  Another example of how the sport of Muay Thai continues to grow and with the support and unity that is shown at each and every event it’s only going to get bigger.  See you at Global Mayhem.

The Wu



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