Thailand's Royal Barge Figureheads of Mythical Legends

Above, The Thai Royal Barges. In recent years, the Royal flotilla has been marshaled to celebrate a number of events, in 1999 on the celebration of the 72nd birthday of His Royal Highness King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand.
Suphannahong The Golden Hamsa Swan the divine Vehical of bhamaClick on a picture to see a better versionAnantanakkharal The seven heads of the Great Naga King
Asura Wayuphak, The Bird Ogre WayuphakAura Paksi, The Bird-Ogre PaksiKrabi Prap Mueang Man,The uncrowned White Monkey Warrior Sudduing the City of Mara
Krabi Ran Ron Rap, The Black Monkey Warrior Conquering FoesKhrut Hoen Rahet, The Red Garuda Traversing the skyKhrut Tret Traichak, The Pink Garuda Traversing the Three Realms
Phali Rang Thawip, the Crowned Green Monkey Warrior.  Phali intrepid. Phali pulling the continents,Sukhrip Khrong Mueang, Sukhrip the valiant Crowned Red  Monkey WarriorNarai Song Suban Vishnu riding the Garuda, Phra Narai standing on the back of Phraya Suban

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