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The World Combat League (WCL) is an original brainchild of the action film and television star Chuck Norris.   Mr. Norris has brought together the world's most experienced martial arts producers to make the vision become reality.   Norris Family Films and the USI companies (ISKA and ISKA Entertainment), with Chuck Norris as the creative head, have joined together to present the next major American sporting league, and the next generation of martial arts combat.

Hello Mr. Nasty,

            Well I went to and helped corner one of the world combat league events I told you about. I meet with Cory Schafer and Cecil Peoples and all I can say after seeing it is Sad Shit…I will never fight in that. They told the fighter in the beginning to just run in there and blow there energy fighting till the 3 min were over since they would have time to rest while other them members fought. Sad Shit all technique went right out the window the threw half assed kicks so they could get in there and slug it out the crow got what they wanted lots of blood and 2 KO’s but it was the saddest display of techniques, planning, and fighting I ever saw, the winning team all got belts for there win (going to bring the value of a belt down). I will never fight in that event ever.

Yeah it was a screwed up event two people would be fighting and the moment the round ender they would get out of the ring and the next 2 team members would jump in and start fighting…if I saw any more haymakers I would have though I was on a farm. No one even bothered to throw leg kicks cause they didn’t count as much in points just head kick’s and punches...it was Point-Kwon-Do and Cory Schafer and Cecil Peoples could not be happier.

You really want me to respond to this...?

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Ya Gotta Be   @#&*^#?   Kidding Me..!!

Ya gotta read this one,  it's a real doozee...

Dear Mr. Nasty,

            One of my students ( L.H.) fought his first amateur Muay Thai fight this weekend at an event the ISKA representative for this state told us about. This was the most poorly run event I have ever seen. The ring didn’t have a canvas on it; it had duct taped wrestling mats. There was no enforced hand wrapping rules, and had limits on how much Thai oil and Vaseline could be used. My student did a great job and I was very proud but angry at the same time. He lost his fight not due to beating his opponent but by having the referee who didn’t do his job.  My students opponent come out covered from head to toe in Vaseline. Every time my student teep kicked his opponent he ended up with his goop on his feet mixed with the wrestling mats ended up in slips.

 That’s how my student got beat every time he slipped the referee called it a knockdown and gave him a standing eight count he got 5 standing eight counts in the 3rd round fights. My student beat his opponent so bad when he got back to the changing room he fell out unconscious!  He had a huge red mark on his stomach from the teep kicks, a swollen left outside thigh from the low kicks, a swollen black eye from the punches. When he woke up he didn’t remember his name or where he was.   There were no ring doctors around to help him...so he won the decision and lost the fight. I had never been so angry with the ISKA…

Ya gotta send me photo's of this cause it sounds too good to be true...

Nuff Said!!

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