Mr. Nasty!

....It's 2005.... Get Me Excited, But Don't Piss Me Off...!!'

Yo! Welcome Back to Maaaa  Page 2 !!!

This year is starting off quite nicely for now, but things are looking up..

 Once again, to my overseas readers,  I'm an open book waiting to be filled with whatever you got out there... so don't be shy, we want to know who's screwing things up in your country too!.  All you gotta do is email me at    to give me the low-down deep and dirty stuff on the ring side. You know how I love that type of talk.  But be careful, I gotta a bad habit of doing research, make sure you don't get a your facts wrong, cause you could end up  getting a Nasty! kick up the butt!!  

Nuff Said!!

    Don't go away...   There's more to come..

Anybody want to let some steam off,  or want to answer these little briefings, even if  you got a beef about something to do with Muay Thai, feel free to email me. Mr. Nasty! at      address. See Ya!


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