The Elbow

The elbow is capable of striking from many angles and various directions. It can be directed in a horizontally left, horizontally right, vertically downwards, vertically upwards, diagonally downwards from the top right to bottom left, diagonally downwards from top left to bottom right, diagonally upwards from bottom left to top right using the left elbow, and bottom right to top left using the right elbow fashion.

 It can strike opponents coming in from behind in three different angles. The elbow is capable of swinging in a downward  circular motion clockwise and even counter-clockwise towards the body's centerline.  Jumping into the air can add power to this technique as well as the  other downward moving elbow attacks. It can strike out while the body is facing  side wards to the opponent and there is a spinning elbow attack which is used while turning towards the other person. Both elbows can strike straight downwards simultaneously towards the head or shoulders of the opponent and such  a technique is called the Double elbow. 
A cutting elbow strike to the side of the opponents jaw. Upper rising elbow strike to the bottom of the opponents chin. Spinning back elbow strike to the opponents head.
Spinning back upper elbow strike to the opponents chin. A elbow strike aimed at the solar plexus or ribs of the opponent. A left elbow strike aimed at the left temple or jaw of the opponent.
A right elbow strike aimed at the left temple or jaw of the opponent. Grabbing the opponent around the neck and preparing to strike with an elbow. AThe technique is completed with a downward strike aimed at the shoulder or head of the opponent. B

 The main target is the head of the opponent instead of the body so as to avoid being hit by a knee strike, however,  the body can become a target. Unlike most other martial arts, the shoulder of  the attacking arm is usually lifted in front of the face in order to protect the throat,  jaw, and cheek bone while the other arm is raised in a defensive position. Remember that every elbow strike is delivered with the twisting of the hips and the turning of the waist. 

   In a clinch, the fighter in the blue pulls down his opponents left arm and then while still holding the arm, counter strikes with a cutting right elbow strike of his own  to the opponents jaw.  

Artwork by C. Heyliger 2000


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