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      Muay Thai Institute:

The existence of Muay Thai institute originally derived from the cabinet's resolution on establishing the World Muay Thai Council in 1995. The Council's role and responsibility is to promote the Thai arts of self defense at a national and international level. The international conference held in Bangkok on September 25, 1995 organized by the Council expressed their needs for the establishment of a Muay Thai Institute in Thailand Mr. Amnuay Kesbumrung the pioneer and owner of Rangsit Thai boxing stadium was given a license to operate the Muay Thai Institute in his stadium compound.

The Muay Thai Institute offers three Muay Thai programs, the fundamental Muay Thai (Muay Thai for sport, recreation, culture and profession), Muay Thai for instructors and Muay Thai for judge and referees. The institute is fully equipped with modern learning resource center to assist the learner in accomplishing his learning and career goals. Also additional skills and experience outside classrooms are provided. Skillful trainers, experienced instructors and management are available to assist and counsel the students. 

The Muay Thai Institute in Rangsit, Patumthani Thailand is run by the World Muay Thai Council under the direction of Mr. Amnuay Kesbumrung who is the President of the Institute.

The Institute is full equipped with all learning and practicing facilities and in addition, the Institute provides outside studies on weekends to broaden views and experiences of learners as part of  extra activities. Graduates of each of the programs are eligible for certification or registration of achievements upon completion of course recognized by the  Thai Ministry of Education and the World Muay Thai Council, and other agencies.

Three types of programs of study are being offered, and individual students may take one or all of these program courses to suit there own needs and benefits.

1: Fundamental Muay Thai: is designed for individuals possessing the skills experienced and knowledge on Muay Thai culture and use of the body.

Muay Thai 1 (Basic) -10 day course, Muay Thai 2 (Intermediate) - 10 day course,

Muay Thai 3 (Advanced) - 10 day course, Muay Thai 4 (Professional) - 90 day course.

2: Muay Thai for Instructors: are designed for students who aim at becoming Muay Thai instructors for running schools etc., and there are three levels of proficiency:

Instructor 1 (level 1) - 15 days, Instructor 2 (level 2) - 15 days, Instructor 3 (level 3) - 15 days

3: Muay Thai for Referee and Judge: are designed for those who choose to be either amateur or professional: The courses deal with rules and regulations, art and science on duties, tactics, administration and ring duty, ethics scoring and criteria etc.

Referee and Judge 1 (local) - 15 days,  Referee and Judge 2 ( National) - 15 days,

Referee and Judge 3 ( International) - 15 days.

A book store and a library which holds a collection of material relating to Muay Thai. A fully equipped fitness facility and accommodation for up to 200 students, including 5 double bedrooms each equipped with lockers, a fridge and a TV set, where students can reside. A cafeteria-style food service is also available at a reasonable cost.

Tuition fees range from $160  US dollars   to $1,200 US dollars per course. Fees for food and shared accommodation are $14 US dollars per day.

Address: Muay Thai Institute 336/932 Moo 1 Prachatipat, Thanaburi, Patumthani Rangsit, Thailand 12130. Office hours 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday to Friday. Applications are accepted all year round from June - May. Tel: 992-0099

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