Muay Thai & MMA Collision

Central High School,Little Rock Arkansas February 28th 2009



Official Results and  briefing of "Muay Thai & MMA Collision"

The snow came down, the cold was there! But it did not stop fans and fighters from heating up the night in an exciting night of fights!

Exhibition bout 1:

Lanna Peeples Oudthone vs. Tabria in a grappling match where both 6 and 7 year old girls take it to the match trying to catch a submission. Ms. Oudthone was able to control most of the bouts and almost caught Tabria in a few rear naked choke holds, but Tabria was able to tuck her chin and stop the choke. Ms. Oudthone using her experience was able to mount Tabria most of this exhibition bout, give it up to both girls who gave it their all to start the snowy night.

Exhibition bout 2:

Stephanie Oudthone vs. Tamara.
Another Oudthone prodigy comes in to take ring time with Ms. Tamara in a IR rules bout. Ms. Oudthone who was suppose to be on the card to fight a USMTA Title bout, but no one stepped up to the plate against the seasoned IKF ranked #2 junior female in her weight class, so an exhibition bout was put on so that Oudthone can get some ring time. As all the rounds went on between these two, Tamara was able to get inside Oudthone with her amazing jab. Oudthone counters by moving away from the jab and continues to keep her opponent off balance. In the end it was a spectacular show of skills by both girls.

As the snow started to cover the ground outside, the heat just continued inside when the main fights started.

Bout 1.

Brandon Oudthone vs.
Cameron King. - Two 8-9 year old boys. MTR rules. King who is no stranger the the Oudthone's came in confident against a newcomer of B. Oudthone. As the bell sounded to get round one started King comes in and takes control of the round by getting in and scoring shots to Oudthone who had to cover up and take some punishment. Oudthone trys to combat an offense get punished by head shots and leg kicks which sends Oudthone down. Later in the round King takes advantage of a dazed Oudthone and sends him down again. The referee steps in and stops the fight at 1 min 21 seconds of the first round.
Your winner, King by TKO.

Bout 2.

Darius Young vs.
Decoda King 7-8 year olds boys, IR Rules.  Young from Team Prathet starts his career for the first time against King in this IR rules bout. This bout was changed at the last minute as Young stepped in to replace a fighter that pulled out at the last minute. King controls all of this round by taking advantage of King who didnt know what to think about getting hit as King sends Young down over and over again. As his older sibling Cameron, King wins at 1:20 of the first round by referee stoppage. Winner D. King!

Bout 3.

Chris Haycraft Team Prathet vs. Casey Phelps
Samingdum Martial Arts Oklahoma. This match was originally set up as the only MMA match of the night, but due to equiptment problems, both parties accepted it as a Muay Thai bout and this was a heck of a bout to start of the Adult fights! In a battle of two fighters who are no stranger in the ring, these two went toe to toe, the only rest that these two took was in between rounds. Both fighters slugged, kicked and knee each other scoring impressive scores to confuse the judges on who would win this bout. As the 3 round started Phelps nose started to bleed due from strikes, then Haycraft followed suite when his nose started to bleed. As the fight progressed and both fighters tiring and bleeding both ended the round as they started! Non Stop! As the score cards were waiting to be heard, blood was being wiped from the faces, gloves and mat from both competitors. The decision came in as Phelps takes a Unanimous decision. Winner Phelps!

Bout 4.

Bobby Medina
Team Thunder vs. Jason Murrill Springfield Fight Club Missouri This was a contest of two 6'5 fighters. These two towering fighters slugged it out back and forth but it came down to conditioning when Medina started to tire from the aggressive attacks that Murrill started to control the bout. In the end both fighters fought with pride and Murrill takes the Unanimous decision.

Bout 5.

Benny Lowery Team Prathet vs. Jeremy Beal Team Tiger King Muay Thai Tennessee. This was the first heavyweight fight of the night that pitted two first timers of the ring. Round 1 seen both fighters exchanging flurries of punches, kicks and knee's. Both feeling each other out. Round 2 Beal found a weakness in Lowery when a hard leg kick to Lowery's thigh started to take its toll. As the continuing leg kicks continued Lowery was sent down in the second round as the bell sounds. The 3rd round starts as Beal takes advantage of Lowery's hurt thigh. Lowery continues the onslaught of punches and back fists trying to keep Beal from throwing another leg kick. Lowery stayed busier with his hands but could not defend the leg kicks Beal was throwing at him. Lowery again was knocked down by a leg kick in the 3rd, but Lowery would not quit. Lowery had heart even though the leg kicks was taking it's toll and at 1 minute and 50 seconds of the 3rd round Lowery was not able to continue after taking another leg kick that sent him down for good. Beal Winner by TKO, leg kicks.
To watch this video click here!

Bout 6.

David Wren
Team Thunder vs. Tavares Collins Team Coleman both from Oklahoma. Another exciting bout between these two fighters who travel both from Oklahoma to fight in Arkansas on this night. This was a bout thatstayed close all 3 rounds and both were trying to capitalizing on each others weakness. There was none! Both stayed busy but it was Collins who won the judges on 2 of 3 judges. Winner Collins by split decision.

Bout 7. Unofficial Decision - Protest

Crystal Murphy Team Prathet vs. Courtney Stowe
Springfield fight club Missouri.
This bout pitted the only adult ladies of the night. This was a war! The decision went to Stowe, but Team Prathet filed a protest on the judges decision. This bout will be reviewed by the USMTA head office and will give an answer soon. Note*  to the above bout. This is why it is so important to sanction an event with any reputable organization such as the USMTA. The USMTA will take any issues and try to find an answer for any and all questions, whether it is a bout protest or the most simplest question about the organization. They will have an answer.

Bout 8.

Joe O'Oniel
Springfield fight club vs. Ian Harrison Tiger King Muay Thai
In another bout that seen another set of technical athletes Both fought toe to toe until the 2nd round when O'Oniel found a weakness and capitalized on Harrison and sent him down in the 2nd round at the 1:50 minute mark. The referee steps in and stops the action as O'Oniel takes the win by KO.
To watch this fight Click here!
Bout 9.

Justin "The Hungry" Wolff Team Prathet vs. Mryon Dennis
Team Coleman Oklahoma.
Another heavyweight bout that ends in a remarkable finish. Wolff coming off a TKO win in December fights Dennis who is more hungry for his first win. Dennis came out taking control of the first round by knocking down Wolff late in the first round. Wolff comes back trying to take the clinch and Dennis has none of that and keeps his countering in check. Round 2 Dennis comes out again trying to regain the momentum he has built, but as in Wolff's previous fight, Wolff comes back with flurries of overhands rights and leg kicks. Wolff continues to keep the pressure on to win the round. Bout 3 enters its first stage and the crowd is erupting with noise as the two meet in the center of the ring. This round is up for grabs! Wolff and Dennis both sensing victory come in slugging it out and throwing thunderous kicks when Wolff connects on a overhand right that sends Dennis down, Wolff then continues the onslaught trying to get the advantage, when Dennis comes back with his own flurry. The crowd erupts as time is nearing an end, the mat is slapped for seconds out! both fighters continue to fight as Wolff continues to land more in the clinch. The bell sounds and both fighters retreat to their corners worn out. The now quite crowd awaits the decision. "Justin Wolff wins by split decision" the announcer reads off.

Bout 10.

Tim Hughes Team Prathet vs. Rick Martiens
Team Coleman Oklahoma. Another heavyweight bout that pits age versus youth. Hughes a 20 year old takes on a older opponent in Martiens 39. Hughes is giving up age and weight and is very cautious of Martiens. Martiens took this bout at the last minute as Hughes original opponent was a no show. This will be Hughes first Muay Thai bout. "I respect the art of Muay Thai and want to be everything a Muay Thai artist can be, I have fought 2 previous MMA bouts, but nothing like this. This time I will not be able to take them to the ground as my two previous fights, I have to stand up now, to stand up and take knees, elbow and work the clench is my true test. I have the upmost respect for Muay Thai fighters who can stand up and take all that punishment. On the ground you can take punishment, but also you can use the ground to rest. When you are standing, you get no rest, it's all about working what you work on a daily basis. My instructor is only 130 lbs and for a small guy, he can kick. I have been put through the best training with him, but foremost he reminds me of the history and respect of what true Muay Thai is all about. He quizzes me all the time. This is something I find in traditional Muay Thai that I can not find with MMA." A quote that Tim Hughes spoke of shortly before his fight.

As round 1 begins both fighters meet in the squared circle for their last instructions before they trade leather, knee's and punches. They both go back to their corner after sealing the ring and get ready for the showdown. The bell sounds and both touch gloves as the round starts. Hughes comes in with hand combo's and follows with kicks, Martiens counters with his own punch kick combo's. Martiens follows with kicks to the legs of Hughes as Hughes blocks and follows with his own countering skills. Hughes is able to get inside and uses the thai clench and follows with knee's. Martiens pushes off, but the damage is taking his toll. Hughes comes in sensing the knock out keeps Martiens busy as they both trade leather. Hughes continues the aggression and keeps Martiens at bay. Hughes rocks him with head shots and heavy knee's. The bell sounds to end the round. Both fighters retreat to their corner getting their instructions for the next round. In the Coleman corner Martiens tells his cornerman that he is not able to see. A medical break is issued before the round starts. Medical is asked to check on Martiens. A blood pressure check is being taken as comes back high. Martiens vision is restored as he is resting. The Medical officer then advises the referee to end the bout for the safety of the fighter. The bout ends as the win is given to Hughes by referee stoppage. Winner Hughes TKO.

Main Event Match for the USMTA TriState Title

As the snow was melting outside, maybe from the heat of the event center, the Main Event is now about to begin.

Jaurez Heard Team Prathet vs. Matt Stanton Tiger King Muay Thai Tennessee. Jaurez Heard who recently just turned 18 has been training with Team Prathet for a little more than a year trained hard when he found out that he was in line for a title shot. "I've been training hard for the last few months in preparation for this bout. When I am not in the Muay Thai gym, I am inside the weight gym, when I am not inside the weight gym, I am running trying to keep up my cardio. 5 rounds is a long time and I want to be prepared and have the energy to throw my weapons of Muay Thai. I have watched what I eat and watch the way I carry myself not to endanger of losing a shot at this most important title. A little over a year ago, I was new at this, I always wanted to do this, something about Muay Thai drew me to this. The respect and honor that comes with Muay Thai is all I know now. I live and breath Muay Thai. I hope this chance will give me make me a better person.

Matt Stanton hails from Hermitage Tennessee and also is a vivid Muay Thai practitioner. He also lives and breaths Muay Thai. He trains with Kru Rocky Browning out of Tiger King Muay Thai in South Nashville Tennessee.

"Determination is simply not giving up. No matter how hard things get, or how badly you want to just give up, you keep on going. Sometimes you just want to let go, when it seems like what you're going for is just out of reach, sometimes you tell yourself if what you're trying to get is worth the great amount of effort that you put in it. When things get hard, you start thinking that its not worth it, and you just want to let it go, but let me tell you this, the more pain and suffering you put into something, the better it'll feel when you get it.

-Determination is not giving up.
-Determination is not letting go.
-Determination is not "this is not worth it" sh*t.
-Determination is falling on your face and getting back up.
-Determination is losing feeling on your legs, and wanting to keep on going.

In my words, determination is going until your legs lose feeling, until
your arms break, until your head feels like its about to explode, until
your brain tells your that your done, and when your brain tells you
that your done, you tell it, "Just one more time," just, one, more,
NEVER GIVE UP!-that's all determination is..."

These are one of the reasons that Matt was also given a chance to fight for the open USMTA Title.

Now onto the fight.

The announcement for Matt Stanton comes in and the crowd erupts with applause as Stanton makes his way to the ring. As he enters the ring he seals the ring, at that time Jaurez Heard's name is announced and he enters the ring. Both fighters finish sealing the ring when Stanton finishes out with the Ram Muay. The crowd is quite to see this spectacular display. Both fighters reach center ring as the USMTA title belt is lifted up in the air for who wants it more. The ref gives final instructions and both head back to their corners. The bell rings to start off the round. Both come in traditional Muay Thai stances as they both stalk each other and then both go in, a fight ensues and Stanton is able to take control with kicks, and Jaurez take control with his hands. Exchanges are thrown but it was Heard who gives a hard punch that sends Stanton to the mat for a standing eight. Stanton quickly gets up and shakes off the cobwebs and comes in with more landing kicks, Jaurez counters with hand combinations and sends Stanton to the ropes when Heard connects again, Stanton is able to catch Heard in the clench and throws some great knee's that Heard does not want to take and Heard pushes off. At this time the crowd is erupting, both fighters are laying it all in the line for this fight. Stanton feels that since the clench knee's are working he would try for the clench again. Heard stays away from the clench but decided to work the clench with Stanton. Heard catches Stanton in the red corner and throws an uppercut that lands solid and sends Stanton down, Stanton quickly gets up slightly dazed but cautious. Heard sensing Stanton is hurt rushes Stanton to his corner and lands another blow that sends Stanton down again in his corner. The referee starts the 8 count. The crowd now is erupting with pleasure from both fighters giving it their all. The referee is almost finishes his eight count, as Heard prepares for this tough competitor to get back up, but the ref stops with fight after reaching the 10 count with only 10 seconds left to go in the first round.

Winner by KO, Heard, You new USMTA Middleweight Champion. He improves his record to 3 wins 3 losses 1 KO.

"I knew when Stanton got me in the clench I was in trouble, I had to get out of the clench, I threw punches and caught him with a few uppercuts hoping to hit the mark and it did, but after Matt got up I knew I had a war on my hands, I had to put more pressure on him and connect with my punches, I feel that I am real strong with my punches, but my knee's are great as well, but today Matt's knee's were better, I had to connect with my punches, I think that is what made the difference" quoted by Heard when asked what made the difference in their fight.

"You know I trained hard for this fight, harder than I ever trained for any fight, Jaurez was able to connect with more punches and caught me right above my nose the first knock down, and then he hit me again in the same spot, I can tell you that was a hard punch, I am just grateful that I had the chance to fight for the title and got to be a part of this all", when asked about what he thought about the loss.

Give it up to all fighters this evening. Also the fighters that did not have a fight, but was present. Kris Hawkins - Team Tiger King Muay Thai (opponent no show), Akau Anyieth - Team Prathet (opponent no show) Cary Bowers of Team Coleman (opponent no show) These fighters drove more than 5 hours to get here and we hope to get them matched next time.

Special thanks to Team Coleman and, for bringing a fighter at the last minute when Tim Hughes opponent was a no show and Rick Martiens for stepping in at the last minute to take that bout. Thanks given to James Pruitt, Debbie Sexton ( I promise to spell Decoda's name right in the future) James stepped in of Ric Sniffen as USMTA Rep, and Debbie help coordinate my messy desk with getting me fight results and so forth. Also Team Thunder for making the trip with such a great team.
Mindy Green who at the last minute stepped in to help out as ringside physician, Troy Green who helped out at weigh-ins and help out judging some of the fights.

Team Springfield fight club, Brandon Mahoney out of Missouri who took their time to travel into Arkansas and bring some great fighters to fight at the their first USMTA event.

Team Tiger King Muay Thai out of Nashville Tennessee. Also thanks to Kru Rocky Browning who brought his fighters, family and friends who also drove more than 5 hours to see their fighters fight. And last but not least
Khuen Kru Adams. His ring was available for us to use, he also judged and refereed and helped out anyway he could.
Thanks again, If I forgot anyone, remind me!
David Oudthone