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October 6th 2001

'National Muay Thai Day USA'

Nai Khnom Dtom Day

This day falls on the first Saturday of the month of October this year. The date has been chosen because it does not conflict with any religious, national holiday or commemorative event throughout the world. Unfortunately, Thailand's National ‘Muay Thai’ boxing day happens to fall on Saint Patrick's day (Ireland) , of March 17th , which is usually celebrated throughout the Western hemisphere

If any one, group, organization, association or country has an objection to this date, please contact or write to the United States Muay Thai Association Inc.

The great warrior ‘Nai Khnom Dtom’ is regarded by Thailand as one of the first  officially recorded International Muay Thai fighters to compete in mortal combat, outside of borders of Siam, (Thailand). After being captured during the battle for Ayudhya (Ayutthaya) , he was taken prisoner to Myanmar (Burma) as a slave. He was well known for his bravery and prowess as an athlete and excellent unarmed fighter in the art of Muay Thai. During the religious celebration ceremony at Ket That Pagoda many sports and games including Muay Thai were being presented at the celebration. Well known for his prowess as a Thai Fighter, he was given a choice to continue to be a slave or to fight for his freedom to show if his skills could defeat the Myanmar Champion. He was rewarded with his freedom after defeating not only the Myanmar champion, but 11 more Myanmar combatants one after the other.

The Myanmar King (Mangra) was so impressed with his fighting skill, that he gave loud applause and admired the fighter saying that "Every part of the Thai is blessed with venom. Even with his bare hands, he can fell nine or ten opponents." He gave him the choice of gold and jewels as a gift or he may take his choice of women. Nai Khnom had no value for gold or jewels, and choice to take with him twelve Siam women captured in a previous raid. With the blessing of King Mangra he was allowed to leave Myanmar unharmed.

That Historic day took place over two centuries ago. Later on, the local boxing circle had marked the day March 17th (approximate date of the fight between Nai Khnom Dtom and the Myanmar fighters), in commemoration of his spectacular feat of bravery and fighting skills. Thailand dedicates one fight night a year in memory of this great warrior ‘Nai Khnom Dtom’ the first recorded International Muay Thai fighter.

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