...Once Enemies Now Allies, Iran and the USA show how The Sport Of  Muay Thai can cross all boundaries...

Muay Thai in Iran has been growing on the ancient sands of Tehran for over 6 years, however, in the past 2 years it has begun  blossom at an alarming rate. Today it has begun to formulate into a recognizable organization, thanks to such great visionaries as Mr. Edi Azad.

Mr. Azad, a successful martial artist in his own right, has begun to develop Muay Thai in Iran without any changes to the art. many others have tried to convert Muay Thai to their own liking, something which Mr. Azad has noticed and did not agree with. 

Edi Azda (left) with student preparing to sparr.

Therefore he has begun to develop the art on the basis of Thailand and to form The organization for the sport with the assistance of the USA. Mr. Azad, Became a member of the Iranian National Team In the Asian Muay Thai Championships 1997 He is also the Iranian Boxing Champion, holding certification from Thailand, he holds a 3rd Dan black Belt in Full Contact  Kickboxing, and 2nd Dan Black Belt in Shinto Ryu Karate. 

He holds  a certificate of Refereeing and Coaching in Kick boxing and a member of the Technical and light Kickboxing inspection Committee of Tehran. He is a former Champion Body Builder with a Coaching certificate from the I. R. Iran Body & Fitness Federation and the Province of Physical Education General Department.

Edi Azad, blocks a Thai roundhouse to the head from student during sparring

 He also holds a Letter of Honor in coaching from the Tehran  Province and became a member of the USMTA in 1999. Who would have thought that the United States of America would offer is hand in open friendship to Iran and assist them in their effort to learn and promote the Art of Muay Thai, making the sport truly international.

With negotiations with the Official chairman of the Budo Kai or global martial arts in Iran Mr. Azad was appointed the Public Relations Director for martial arts. With almost 500 members to the Budo Kai, Mr. Azad is about to announce that he has been acknowledged as the  permanent International Representative for the USMTA in Iran. 

Training with knee strikes is all part of the sport, as Edi Azad, defends himself from his students flying knee..

A great step forward for a sporting union between these two nations, where in the near future, teams of Muay Thai competitors will be visiting  each others country in, for some healthy,  friendly and long awaited competition.

Our best wishes to Mr. Edi Azad and we wish him great success to the Muay Thai Association of Iran, and to all the Iranian Muay Thai fighters....

Edi Azad, lands a punch on his student who takes it on the chin, as boxing is an essential part of training..

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