N.A.L. Championships


 Cherokee Casino, Claremore, OK.   August 20th 2011





Written By : Kru Robin Sniffen Oklahoma City, OK


 On Saturday August 20, 2011 at the Cherokee Casino in Claremore, OK, the FIRST Native American Amateur Muay Thai Championship was held. Promoters Jeremy Owen and Jake Tadych brought together Amateur Class A & B Fighters to compete on the first event of its type in the United States. The event was sanctioned by the United States Muay Thai Association - Native American League.  350 spectators enjoyed NON - STOP action as 20 Competitors came and fought in 10 of the most exciting bouts ever held in Oklahoma.

Bout 1

Red Corner Thomas Roberts  v. Blue Corner Kevin White

Kevin White won the bout by Knockout 1 minute 02 seconds in Round 1 by an overhand right that took Thomas Roberts totally by surprise and the spectators alike.

Bout 2

Red Corner Zachary Bambrough  v. Blue Corner Matt Silcox

Matt Silcox won the bout by Technical Knockout ( TKO ) in 1 minute 12 seconds of Round 2. After Competitors exchanged punches and several good hard Round Kicks Matt Silcox landed a vicious Hook Punch to Zachary's temple that dropped Zackary to the floor. Zackary was able to get back up but the Referee felt the Competitor could not safely continue the fight and called the bout.

Bout 3

Red Corner Devin White v. Blue Corner Jesse Rickel

Devin White was declared the winner in the 2nd Round after Jesse Rickel was unable to continue due to an injury to his foot, which he received after kicking Devin on the elbow.

Bout 4

Red Corner Dallas Smith v. Blue Corner Steven Carter

Dallas Smith won the bout in an incredible 56 seconds in Round 1 when his very heavy handed Right struck Steven Carter knocking him to the canvas for the 10 count.

Bout 5

Red Corner Steven Eastham v. Blue Corner Miles Martin

Steven Eastham was declared the Winner by Knockout at 1 minute 34 seconds in Round 3. Both fighters seemed very evenly matched during rounds 1 and 2, however in round 3 Steven Eastham begun the round like it was round 1 total refreshed when the bell rang to start the 3rd round he started punching and didn't stop until Miles Martin was on the canvas.

Bout 6

Red Corner Philip Stewart  v. Blue Corner Jacob Jarral

This was an exciting Super Heavyweight Bout with both Competitors coming in the ring ready to do business, but Jacob Jarral would be announced the victor winning by Knockout 1 minute 11 seconds in Round 1 after landing a wild but very powerful haymaker to the side of Philip Stewarts head. Philip was unable to get back up to his feet before the Referee Logan Cunningham could count him out.

Bout 7

Red Corner Jarred Boggs  v. Blue Corner James " White " Warren

This was perhaps one of the most exciting bouts of the evening so far as both competitors took the action up several notches and demonstrated some very fast high kicks including a couple of aerials as each competitor attempted to take the other by surprise. The Win however was decided by the Judges Score Card and resulted in the Win going to James Warren 29 - 28 Judge 1, 29 - 28 Judge 2 and 29 - 28 Judge 3.

Bout 8

Red Corner Rachel Smith  v. Blue Corner Desiree

This was the only FEMALE FIGHT of the Night and it was an exciting one as both ladies demonstrated their desire to be declared the winner. After 3 rounds of pure action the bout went to the Judges Score Card and was declared a DRAW.



Red Corner Jordan Holms  v. Blue Corner Spenser Glen

Spenser Glen was declared the winner by a Technical Knockout at 1 minute 37 seconds of Round 3, when Spenser landed several well placed round kicks to Jordan's thighs and the followed it up with several hand strikes which drove Jordan back and then down to the canvas. Jordan got back to his feet but the fight was stopped by the Referee Logan Cunningham after he completed a standing 8 count and felt that Jordan was not able to continue the fight.


Bout 10


Red Corner George " Babyface " Palmer  v. Blue Corner Kaisaamroi Aoi Kiri

Kaisaamroi Aoi Kiri was declared the winner 1 minute 48 seconds into round 5 of a 5 round bout, after George Palmer was unable to continue the fight.

The Officials for the Event were Sanctioning Officer Arjarn Ric Sniffen, Judge 1 Muay Kru Mai Robin Sniffen, (NALSec. and Santee Sioux) Judge 2 Muay Kru Yai Ty Pilgram (Oklahoma State Head Official), Judge 3 Muay Kru Yai Billy Clark (Oklahoma State Head Referee) and Referee Muay Kru Yai Logan Cunningham.



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