The Native American League


Our Creator, is known by our people in many different names Acbadadea ( the maker of all things ), Waken Tanka ( he who is everything ) and Tirawa ( the one above ) to name a few.  Our people believe that before one does anything in life he should start the days journey in a prayer as I'm doing here now.

" I should start by raising my voice in prayer "

  Great Spirit, here my cry to you and know me as one of your children here on Mother Earth.   Listen to me Great Spirit as I try to teach those who may not understand the ways of your earth children the Red People and open their hearts, minds and spirits that they will understand the things we speak of and teach. Let all people know that we have all come from only two parents a father and mother and that all our blood flows from the same. We maybe of different skins but this is only the outside what is inside is the same among all of us. Open the eyes of those who do not clearly see and wash away the dust that blurs their vision. Open up their ears that they may hear and may know that the words we speak are true. Great Spirit, I ask that you lift them from the ground on which they stand and carry them to the ground of understanding that they will learn from this journey and be able to carry the message to others.         

                                             - AHO -



The Native American League was started through the combined efforts of the United States Muay Thai Associations Native American Division and the Native American Muay Thai Association.  The Native American League or NAL was formed to give the Native American people who train in Muay Thai and Muay Chao Cherk a chance to build, study, teach and compete for Native Titles that are recognized by the 450+ Nations of Native American People.

Although the NAL is open to all Native People including those of Hawaiian decent and the Islands it also offers its membership to South American and Central American Natives too.

The NAL has become the LARGEST Association for Native People in the world of Combat Sports.

The NAL is under the direction of the USMTA  and the Association President Clint Heyliger himself a member of the Cherokee Nation. The National Director for the NAL is Ric Sniffen a member of the Blackfeet Nation and Hawaiian Nation, the Canadian Branch is under the direction of Michael Martelle a member of the Mohawk Nation. The Native American League is organized by a State Representative each a Native American or Native People, and the National Director who oversees the NAL as a representative of the Associations President.

Competition through the NAL is opened to ALL Native People card carrying or not but each member MUST be able to prove a Native Bloodline. Competitions are held at the State Level, Tri-State Level, Regional Level, Divisional Level, National Level and also Tribal and Inter-Tribal levels of competition.

The NAMTA and USMTA was the FIRST Combat Sports Associations to give recognition to the Native People it is through this joint belief that the two associations became one to form the USMTA - NAL. The NAL under National Director Ric Sniffen is a 501 (c)(3) Non- Profit Tax Exempt Organization which operates soley upon donations and corporate sponsorship providing many of its members FREE Classes through some of its Camps and Schools such as Pontawee Camp USA in Guymon, Oklahoma operated by the National Director.

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