NAL Membership Seekers

The Native American League of the United States Muay Thai Association is made up of several different people and several different tribes and nations. Whether your a (FBI) Full Blooded Native American or the Great Great Grandson of someone that was half bloodied, you qualify for membership.
Whether your a Cherokee or a Blackfoot or a Aztec or a Hawaiian you qualify for membership. The only other qualification for membership is a love for the Thai Arts. Muay Thai, Muay Chao Cherk, Krabi Krabong or any other Thai Style and I deep desire to see these arts and our Native Ways become one in the same.
Now that you know the requirements for Native American League Membership simply fill out the application of membership and send in your required fee's when you've been approved we will send you not only your USMTA Membership Benefits but also your NAL Benefits also. As National Director of the Native American League, I welcome you into our ever growing family and ask you to spread the word.

Kru Ric Sniffen ( Blackfoot Nation/Hawaiian Islander )
" Rama Lek Suea "
National Director

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