Arjarn  Clint Heyliger


E Pluripus Unum “ Out of Many, One”

In its purest form; “Many Uniting into One”, a phrase that elegantly captures the symbolism of this new union.

A new nucleus has been formed, a new beginning and a new birth.  Our nation, the “United States” has become much closer, much more tight-knit in many ways.  A binding and a bonding of our peoples have shown significant strides.  In the field of martial sports and martial arts another bonding is taking place as descendents of some of the America’s most feared fighting warriors, have taking a unique but vibrant stride to a fighting art from another land, which display similarities to their own ancient and unique combative fighting skills. This South East Asian martial art come sport, is proudly called Muay Thai and Muay Chao Cherk by its people from the Kingdom of Thailand.

Americans and Native Americans have begun to move in the direction of true warrior fighting skills. Even today in the modern forms of competitive fighting seen in America, many Champion fighters we tell you that ‘first’ they still needed to learn the fighting arts from Thailand to succeed.’ The USMTA has accomplished many ‘firsts’ in its 16 year span. The ‘first U.S. Muay Thai team’ to compete in Thailand,  the ‘first Judge & Referee Association’ for the sport of Muay Thai in the USA and outside of Thailand, the  first  Native American Division and League for Muay Thai. These are just a few of the known firsts.

 2007 has another first to be proud of. The USMTA, and the NAMTA, (Native American Muay Thai Association). Both American Muay Thai associations have decided to join forces in strengthening and promoting the sport and art of Muay Thai and Muay Chao Cherk not only to the world but to America too. The USMTA’s ‘Native American League’ or ‘NAL’ with the strengthening and nurturing of NAMTA plans to widen its scope of influence in the sport. The fostering of a brotherhood in Muay Thai is not unique, the USMTA has strong links with several of its international brethren as does NAMTA, and holds a maternal and powerful link to the BTBC of England. However, the link it cherishes deeply is the link to its people of the ‘first nations’. With this in mind, the USMTA has honored the union with NAMTA by recognizing a single “star” on its National emblem/logo for the joining together of two proud associations of our one country. Truly E Pluribus Unum! (See website for description of emblem.)

Arjarn Clint Heyliger President of the USMTA and thePresident of the NAMTA have strong connections to the past. Their lineages stem back in American history through their blood lines of the Blackfoot, the Cherokee, the Choctaw and many more, with a blending of European, Caribbean and Pacific thrown in for good measure.

‘We feel this is a great move forward, a great stride in bringing back to the people a new and exciting era of combative marital arts. I think many things will stem from this new beginning once people see what we have in store for them. A whole new range of events and competitions will rise here in America, never fought for beyond our own boundaries. I see many countries will take notice and for the first time will want to come and enter these events and take part in something old but new.  They will see new flags from our proud nations.

The NAL and its divisions are going to be the most fought for and the most coveted. It will become the ‘truly American’ trophy, the ‘Prize award.  My personal wish is to have Thailand’s fighters grace our shores and compete with us for our Native American International championships. This will be the ‘feather in the cap’ for me and I feel I can speak for Kru Ric on this also.

 We will be the spearhead and the battle axe for this endeavor, our skill and communication will bring a breath of fresh air to the development of the Amateur and the Professional leagues and the divisions. Our first objective is to invite to the campfire representatives of the surrounding nations to bring forth ideas and suggestions to help us solidify a unique and lasting bond for the sport. The NAL will become one of the famous and most coveted in the world. When I see the flag of the NAL hanging in some of the worlds top sports stadiums, then I can say

      “…we have shown our colors and they look good…”

Sincerely yours,

Clint Heyliger

President: United States Muay Thai Association




For the first time ever Native People and People of the First Tribes have a VOICE in Muay Thai and Muay Chao Cherk . But also a STAND in these Arts plus much much more, the

Founders of the United States Muay Thai Association  ( USMTA ) and the Founders of the Native American Muay Thai Association ( NAMTA ) have brought together both great associations for the sake of the Native People and the Arts of Muay Thai and Muay Chao Cherk so as to combind and form ONE GREAT association.

The BIRTH of this new Association which will go under the BANNER of the USMTA but will show itself as the Native American Division of the United States Muay Thai Association will have and offer membership WORLDWIDE open to all NATIVE People with an interest in Muay Thai , Muay Chao Cherk or any other recognized art of the USMTA.

This is the Native People's chance to form and build a division within the USMTA that will provide them a chance to compete against other Native People for Titles within the Native Division. This is also a chance for the Native People to bring their own unique form of Muay Thai and Muay Chao Cherk out for view by the public. We ( the Native People ) have so much to offer others in the Thai Arts, we have great champions that have proven themselves time and time again in competition. But these same champions are sometimes overlooked by their tribes, when they seek sponsorship or donations to further their training or competition to the next level. Through this NEW UNITY, I feel that the Native People will be much more able to grow and develop together into ONE GREAT DIVISION of the USMTA.

As for myself ( Ric Sniffen ) I am of the Blackfoot Nation with Pacific and European blood, and I feel that with the help of others like myself that wish to see the Native Division grow it will take a lot of HARD work and time but I know it can and will be done, and that the Native Division will grow into a respected and honored division of the USMTA. As the Director of the Native Division I will see that our Champions are recognized throughout the Association and the World and that the Native Champions get a chance to compete for their spot on the International Team and in the International Level of competition both Amateur and Professional. I will make it my task to see that all Muay Thai fighters, get the chance to earn real championship purses for the bouts that they compete in.

The Native People of Muay Thai and Muay Chao Cherk finally have a division they can ALL be proud of and a place to call their own. I hope that all Native People will seek membership within the USMTA to assist in the BUILDING of this division. If any Native People would like to contact me or others requesting information my  please feel free to contact me at anytime regarding the Native American Division of the USMTA or any other information regarding Native American People or People of the First Tribes in Muay Thai and Muay Chao Cherk.


president: Native American Muay Thai Association

    Kru Michael Martelle 



  She:kon, and Greetings!

   My name is Michael Martelle, a professional Muay Thai instructor and a proud member of the Kanienkehaka, or Mohawk Nation. It has been my distinct privilege to represent the First Nations in my international competition career, and to use those opportunities to raise awareness of aboriginal peoples worldwide. Now as my focus turns more to coaching, I feel the desire to organize our People in combat sport on a larger scale.

   The First Nations of North America have always been respected as warriors and as athletes. Tom Longboat, Jim Thorpe, and Iron Bear Collins have earned fame for their many accomplishments in sport; furthermore, as many First Nations feel a special sense of sovereignty and independence from the colonial lands they now share, it is only appropriate that they enjoy the opportunity to compete under their own flag. Thus, the Native American Muay Thai Association ( NAMTA )was born. The USMTA founders of the Native American League ( NAL )  have extended their welcome to the NAMTA to assist and procreate the league. 

     Working  hand in  hand with NAMTA, the First Nations Muay Thai Council offer their support of this venture by joining NAMTA in supporting the USMTA in promoting the sport and our nations

   The United States Muay Thai Association and, by extension, the World Muaythai Council in Thailand, NAMTA and the NAL exist to promote the sport of Muay Thai and to encourage unity amongst native peoples worldwide. It is hoped that, with enough participation, NAMTA and NAL will be able to offer divisions and championships exclusively for the First Nations, and even to eventually create events such as team competitions amongst tribes. In sport, there is brotherhood.

   Please join me in supporting this wonderful vision. Please consider entering the NAL!

Niawen’kó:wa, and God Bless,

Michael Martelle

Canadian President, First Nations Muaythai Council


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