MUAY THAI - The Sports Center, Nevada July 1st





Promoted Nick Blomgren of  Nevada Referee's for the event Joe Kemagoe & Steve Mazagardis. Special guests  Ladies Boxer  Jessica Jacose, Russian  boxer Kid Diamond,  John Jay S-1 fighter.

Fights began with Bout 1)     Mak       ?from One Kicks Gym in the  red corner   was defeated by  Torro  D ?    in the Blue corner



Bout 2)     Anthony  Castahon    from One Kicks Gym in the  red corner   was defeated   Marvin Eastman Jr. in the  blue corner  A great rendition of the national anthem sung by girl  name.

Bout 4)   .?

Bout 3)     Nick Vasquez  One Kicks Gym in the  red corner   was defeated by   Mick  Mullen from the  Fight Club in the blue  corner. 

Bout 5)    Craig  Curto  One Kicks Gym in the  red corner   was defeated by  Chas Mokee from  Master Toddy's in the  blue corner by tko in 41 seconds of the second round

Bout 6.)  Ladies Bout Jackie Caldazara  from Saksan Muay Thai Gym in the red corner defeated Tallee Spinx from the Boxing Zone CA in the blue corner the Doctor stops fight  due to excessive nose bleed

Bout 7)   Elia Fisher  One Kicks Gym in the  red corner  defeated  Teemo Marciao   from Lapunta  Muay Thai Academy  in the  blue corner

Bout 8)   Nick Lazuloo of Team Punishment, from the Sakasan Muay Thai, in the  red corner was defeated by Steve Ore from the Posse Muay Thai of Master Chan, Muay Thai Academy NV hurt toe,  fight conceded.

Bout 9)   Preston Blomgren  from  One Kicks Gym in the  red corner  defeated  Sergio Lopez from the Boxing Zone,  Pearl Beach CALopez fight did not make fight weight .

Bout 10)   Mat Evans from Kicks Karate in Flagstaff  defeated  Jeff  Mahone from the Fight Club, Los Vegas in the third  round tko

Bout 11)  Super Heavyweight  bout: Derek Lennon  was defeated by  Matt  Kerna of Elite Kickboxing in the blue corner by tko

Bout 12)   Danny Davies Jr. Muay Thai Academy  in the red corner defeated  Issac Zia from the fight Club by tko in 1;17 sec

Bout 13)   USMTA  North American Welterwieght title David Smith  One kick Gym  defeated  Jose Ibala  from the Boxing Zone in the second round  in 1:45                    

Bout 14)   Adam Smith  One kicks Gym in the  red corner   versus   Erron  Carbahal

Most courageous fighter of the night award,   Presented to Anthony  Castahon  of One kicks Gym


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