Native Mohawk Wins The 2007 SAW World Heavyweight in Tokyo


October 21st,  at the  Gold's Gym South Tokyo Annex in Tokyo, Japan,  Native Mohawk from Canada Kru Mike  Martelle of Grizzly  Gym  wins the SAW Global Tournament 2007 World Heavyweight Title. The SAW World  championships  is a professional  Mixed  Martial Arts event.  Kru Mike Martelle  was  contacted  by SAW's overseas Talent organizer  Mr. Satoshi Kimura.


Mike  Martelle's overall record ( amateur/pro, Muay Thai, submissions, etc ), 91-29-8 In  professional  MMA record: 2-1 and  holds 22 international titles held, including 2007 SAW World Champion, 2007 AJJTF World Champion, 2000 IFPA World Champion, 2004 Montreal Open BJJ Champion, 2005 CFC Mexican Vale Tudo Champion, etc more details at



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