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 SLAB FUN-PLA (Cross Stitch)

HANUMAAN TAWAI WAEN (Hanumaan the Monkey King Presents the Ring)

JORKAY FARD HAANG (Crocodile Sweeps Its Tail)

HAAK NG UANG IYARA (Breaking the Elephant's Tusks)

PRA-RAM SAGOD TUP (Rama Stops The Army)

MONTOE NUNG TAEN (Queen Montoe Sits on the ledge)


HANUMAAN HUK KOR-CHANG (Hanumaan Breaks the Elephant's Neck)

PRA-RAM HUK SORN (Rama Breaks the Arrow) 

GUNG HAAN TONG LOM (Wind Spins the Windmill)


HUK SLUK PETCH (Tie and Break the Diamond) HIRAN MUAN PAEN DIN (Mountain Overturns the Earth) KHUN YAK JUB LING (The Giant Catches the Monkey)

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Artwork produced by C. Heyliger: USMTA Inc.

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