One Apache Nation under Usen (God)

How Many Apache Tribal Names Do You Know?

(Bands, Clans, Regional Groups, Sub-Bands, Sectional Bands)


                                                                                                                                             By Snake Blocker, Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas




Most people in the United States have heard about us Apaches.  Even when I go to Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, people heard the name through books, television and the internet.  What most people don’t realize is that early on, we were occupying many states and areas in Northern Mexico and Southern Canada.  In the past, the majority lived in Northern Mexico, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.  Today, we are in every state, as well as areas of Mexico and Canada.  Apaches have adapted and the majority live independent of the Reservations. We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, mechanics, oil field workers, artists, actors/actresses, models, business owners and much more.  We have served in every conflict and war since the Vikings, Spaniards and Europeans came over.  We are serving in every branch of the US Military and we have more Veterans per capita than the non-native community.  The word “Apache” means “the Enemy.” Today, we are your neighbors and friends.  We continue to pass down our history and traditions to our community and we keep the “Warrior Spirit” alive inside our soul. This is a part of us we cannot let go—we are forever Apaches!          


1. Acho [Mountain] Apaches (Band)


2. Apacheis de Nabaju/Navajo Apa ches (Dine Tribal Group)


3.  Arivipa Apaches (Band)


4.  Blue Mountain[People] Apaches (Western Affiliate Band)


5.  Bedonkohe Apaches (Band)


6.  Buií gł ŭn Ndé (Many Necklaces People) Apaches (Sectional Band)


7. Calchufine Apaches (Band)


8.  Canneci Lipan Apaches (Louisiana Band)


9. Carlana Apaches (Sierra Blanca Apaches) (Band)


10. Carrizo Apaches (Sectional Band)


11. Casadore Apaches (Band)


12. Chipaynes (Sub-Band of the Faraon Apaches) (Sub-Band)


13. Choctan-Apaches of Ebarb (Sectional Band)


14. Chokonen Apaches (Band)


15.  Chiricahua (Chir-uh-KAH-wuh) Apaches (Regional Group)


16.  Cibecue Apaches (Sub-Band)


17. Colorado Apaches (Red Apaches) (Regional Group)


18.  Coyotero Apaches (Band)


19. Cuartelejo Apaches (Kansas Apaches) (Sectional Band)


20. Cúelcahén Ndé Lipan (Lipon) (People of the Tall Grass) Apaches (Sectional Band)


21. Faraon Apaches (Canadian River Sectional Band)


22.  Fire/Camp Circle Apaches (Sectional Band)


23.  Gila Apaches (Sectional Band of the Western Apache Province)


24.  Head of Wolves/Body of Men Apaches (Sectional Band)


25.  High-beaked Moccasin Apaches (Sectional Band)


26.  Hoyero Apaches (Band)


27. Hoyero Jicarilla Apaches (Sub-Band)


28. Jémez Apaches (Band)


29.  Jicarilla-Tinde Apaches (Jicarilla Apaches) (Apaches de la Xircarilla) (Regional Group)


30. Keretsa (Querecha) Western Navajo/Apaches (Band)


31.  Kiowa-Gataka Apaches (Regional Group)


32.  Lipan (Lipon) (Li-PAN/Lee-Pan) Apaches (Regional Group)


33. Lipanan Eastern Apaches (Regional Group)


34. Lipiyanes Cuartelejo Jicarilla Apaches (Band)


35.  Little Breech-Clout Apaches (Sectional Band)


36. Llanero Apaches (Sub-Band)


37. Llanero Jicarilla Apaches (Carlanas Apaches) (Sub-Band)


38. Mescalero-Faraon Apaches (Regional Group)


39. Mimbreno Chiricahua Apaches (Sub-Band)


40. Mojave Apaches (Band)


41. Moqui Apaches (Band)


42. Natages (Nah-The-Hays) Apaches (Mescalero Affiliate Band from Pescos River)


43. Nednhi Apaches (Band)


44. Ojo Caliente Apaches (Band)


45. Paloma Apaches (Band)


46. Perillo Apaches (Band)


47. Picurius Apaches (Sub-Band)


48. Plains Apaches (Regional Group)


49. Pulverizing (Grinding on a Metate) Apaches (Sectional Band)


50. Quinia Apaches (Sub-Band)


51. Salinero Apaches (Band)


52. San Carlos Apaches (Band)


53. Sun Otter Apaches (Sectional Band)


54. Tagukerésh Apaches (Eastern & Western Apaches) (Regional Group)


55. Tas steé be głui Ndé (Rock Tied to Head People) Apaches (Sectional Band)


56. Tagu (Teya) Eastern Apaches (New Mexico Pueblo Band)


57. Tcihende Mimbres Apaches (Band)


58. Tonto Apaches (Band)


59. Trementina Apaches (Band)


60. Tú sìs Ndé (Big Water People) Apaches (Sectional Band)


61. Tú é diné Ndé (Tough People of the Desert) Apaches (Sectional Band)


62. Tu’Tssn Nde Lipan Apache (Sectional Band)


63. Northern Tonto Apaches (Sub-Band)


64. Southern Tonto Apaches (Sub-Band)


65. Vaquero Apaches [of New and Old Mexico] (Regional Group)


66. Warm Springs Apaches (Sub-Band)


67. Western-Pinal Coyotero Apaches (Regional Group)


68. White Mountain-Coyoteros Apaches (Band)


69. White Mountain Eastern Apaches (Sub-Band)


70. Wild Goose Apaches (Sectional Band)


71. Xilas Apaches (Band)


72. Yavapai Apaches (Regional Group)


73. Yuma Apaches (Band)


74. Zuá Zuá Ndé (People of the Lava Beds) Apaches (Sectional Band)


Snake Blocker and Ruben CHATO Hinojosa - members of the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas.Snake Blocker and Alan Colorado Warrior Tafoya - Jicarilla Apache)