Muay Thai kickboxing event at the  Patterson Recreation Center,  the Eastern  New York Championships fight in Patterson,  New York,  May 16th 2009


RED CORNER                                                BLUE CORNER

Andy Rivett  (decision)                                Martin Berserkians

Robert Rovidoux                                              Mike Piekorki (2nd TKO)

Nicholas  Ashine                                              Dave Clarke  (2nd TKO)

Ronald French                                                   Andy Duggan (3rd TKO)


Kevin Conire                                                      Juliann Zenetti (decision)

Chris Rivett                                                         Billy Dudes (winner)

Robert Ronidoux                                                Travis  Vigult  (2nd TKO)

Greg Marcy  (3rd TKO)                                      Paul Conway Jr.

Mike Wolfe                                                         Zackery Fitzgerald (3rd TKO)



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